Tuesday, 27 September 2011

black & white

It was either posting this now or spending the rest of the day trying to find the source for that gorgeous photo of Anne Hathaway. Some of you must know the source; I'm counting on you! How awesome is that quote? Anyone who knows where it comes from? I've seen a few websites saying it's from Mark Twain but not according to my sources. And yes, that song is from the One Day trailer; I can hardly put that book down!

I'm off to the kitchen to make cinnamon buns. I did a little experiment on Sunday with yeast free ones and they tasted so good. I have to make them like 2-3 times before I share the recipe with you on kitchen & aroma – maybe next week.

Have a fine Tuesday!

photo credit:
top-left: unknown source
top-right: Elle Arden
bottom-left: unknown source
bottom-right: Vintage Indie
with a little help from Pinterest

YouTube: OneRepublic / Good Life


  1. Great pics - and I have a very soft spot for zebras! :-)

  2. You know you can drag and drop an image into Google Image Search box and it will find it for you? It is so smart, plus you can see if other people have been using your pictures and not linking back ;)


  3. @Marianne: a lot of people have posted that photo but so far I've found no one that has mentioned the source. And that is soooooo annoying!

  4. good luck with you kitchen work and (again) what a lovely quote : )

  5. I love Anne Hathaway, so classy (something I'm not, ha!) Great quote. I've made a few mistakes, but I don't regret any of them - for the simple reason that they all made me smile. ;)

    Can't wait for the cinnamon buns!

  6. The quote and the bottom right photo (oh so gorgeous!) have just made my day better (although it was warm and sunny, I had an awful one). But the evening is shaping up to be a lovely one. :)

  7. Marianne: Whoa, I didn't know that! Torally neat :)
    And I love that quote but I have no idea where it's from...

    Hugs and a happt Tuesday Lisa!

  8. Beautifule Anne indeed!! And I can't wait to make your cinnamon buns (love cinnamon). Of course, after you've created the best version of them;)
    Hope you had a good day.

    p.s. that quote is a keeper!

  9. Beautiful Anne, beautiful quote and beautiful song! And cinnamon buns sound divine right about now :) xoxo

  10. Wonderful quote, I love the black and white stripes.
    The yeast free cinnamon buns sound so good would love the recipe:)
    Wendy x

  11. @Signe - me neither until a few weeks ago. I thought I was the last to know :) Found it so helpful. It also finds similar pictures for you, so sometimes I drop a picture I like into the box and it finds pictures with similar colours. Sometimes I am lucky and find interiors amongst them as well :)

  12. i do not know from where come the quote but it is great. Beautiful collage with the touch of the red shoes. Let us know about your cooking experiment!

  13. Beautiful post! I hope you had fun baking! I'm sure it's yummy! The quote is definitely true! Must carry that with us everyday!


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