Friday, 23 September 2011

i take tea my dear

Unlike the guy in Sting's Englishman in New York lyrics I take both coffee and tea and I'm fine with toast done on both sides (with cheese and organic raspberry jam, please). And yes, I would be an Icelander-living-in-Belgium in New York.

I don't know what it is but Sting's song always comes to mind when I take black tea. It's only September and I'm enjoying a Christmas Kusmi Tea blend. Yes, I said Christmas. It's a blend of China teas with scents of orange, almond, rose, vanilla and spices. It was a gift from Tina at Vintage-kompagniet blog that I've been saving. Until now I've only opened the beautiful metal tin to enjoy the aroma but now it's in my cup with just a touch of raw cane sugar. Such a wonderful gift!

For the rest of the day I'm doing absolutely nothing except replying emails and reading. The home is clean so I don't have to do anything, not even pick up the kids. Hubby is taking care of that and he'll also bring home plenty of mozzarella and red wine. You see, it's Friday which in our home means home-made pizza and good music.

Have a fabulous Friday everyone and listen to Sting when he sings be yourself no matter what they say! Well, even the best of writers have to be edited so sometimes it helps to be an edited version of oneself. And make sure your cover looks good! wink

photo credit: LatteLisa

YouTube: Sting / Englishman in New York


  1. I actually poped over to see if I can find your pizza recipe and hey, you just posted that very much needed link! :) I love Christmas tea, too, but haven't had mine yet, will do it later, when winter is here. But I did stock up on scented candles today in my prep for winter months.
    Have a great day and wonderful weekend!

  2. Dear Lisa,
    I love Kusmi Tea, I also have a few different varieties at home.
    We have pizza tomorrow!
    Wish you a wonderful weekend,

  3. Got to love Kusmi tea :)
    Enjoy your weekend, wine and Pizza!


  4. Ohhh you are a sweetie ;o) and I'm so glad that you enjoyed the tea.
    And regarding Sting - you hit my weak spot - did buy all his cd's during my youth and I just love that tea song ;o) The songs from Sting is worth listen to again and again ;o))
    Today we are going to Ikea (whispering - so no one will hear ;o) I'll have my wish fulfilled - a new white sofa with a chaiselong built-in on the side - yes - I'm looking forward to get rid of the old dark leather sofa. ;o)))
    Hope you will enjoy the quiet and later the pizza and wine and your family ;o) nice weekend to you ....

  5. Sting - what a fantastic way to start my day! Thank you. :)

    I NEED coffee in the morning, but once we're into the cooler weather, I'll sip tea throughout the entire day. Sometimes I'm not sure what I enjoy more, the tea or the tins they come in. Toast with cheese and raspberry jam? That sounds soooo good (I'm really struggling with the vegan thing - cheese isn't being kind!).

    You have homemade pizza every Friday? I think I'm going to have to adopt your tradition! Have a beautiful weekend!!

  6. I love that song! What a tune! :) And the tea looks nice, though I'm normally more of a coffee drinker.
    Home-made pizza sounds absolutely lovely right now! I do have start cooking properly again soon! (Though tonight my flatmate is cooking Moroccan lamb!)

  7. Sting's song is very especial also for me, perfect for the new arrival. i like read your post while music is playing. Enjoy your tea and pizza and have a fabulous weekend.

  8. I take both coffee and tea too. I'm already stocking up on tea for the cold months to come. Enjoy your pizza and red wine, Lisa, and have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Ah I just love that song! It'll be in my head all day now and that's just fine by me :)

    I'm a tea lover myself. Sipping some mint tea as I type actually. I've never had Kusmi Tea though. Will have to give it a shot.

    Have a lovely night tonight and weekend! xoxo

  10. Love this tune, love tea, and coffee too--guess I love your blog. Enjoy your pizza tonight sounds like so much fun =)

  11. I love that song... in fact, any song off Sting's solo albums (that's vinyl of course!)

    Hmmm, tea - that sounds delicious. In fact, I'm loving a cup of Green tea with chocolate - I know that kinda negates the healthy thing but hey, chocolate has antioxidants too yeah?

    And coffee, of course - Soy Decaf latte - creamy, nutty, yummy flavour!

    Hope you had a good weekend...


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