Friday, 16 September 2011

kitchen crush & minimalism

This apartment is in Malmö, Sweden, a classic Scandinavian design: minimalistic, yet cosy and warm. This is an affordable style (hello IKEA!). I love the white paint and how they pop things up with wallpaper. I've a crush on that kitchen and I especially like how some of the accessories match the wallpaper. I also like the contrast of white cabinets and wooden shelves and would have loved to see wooden counters instead of the black ones. The herringbone floor is beautiful and the pine too. Not that it matters what I think, but there are probably only two things I'd change: In the living room I would move the sofas closer together and get a narrower table to transform the place, and I would add a rug in there to define the space. I can't stand sofas pushed up against walls where there is plenty of space; it's such a common decorating pitfall. By the way, this apartment is for sale in case you want to move in. wink

On a personal note, I've started my own rebellion against being sick. I'm out of bed and about to wash the floors, adding a few drops of refreshing essential oils to the bucket. For dinner there will be home-made pizza, mine with 1 kilo of green olives, and red wine and tonight I'm crawling into a bed with clean and fresh bedlinen. The bug never saw that coming!

Have a fabulous Friday!

photo credit: Bolaget


  1. It looks fresh and lovely - and I adore the wallpapers, the windows and the doors! One day I hope to have a home with beautiful windows..! :-)

  2. Hi Lisa, glad to hear you are better but please do not work to much at home already. The wallpaper is fabulous and the white kitchen makes me get crazy.

  3. Lately I've been drawn to white furniture, especially for bedrooms and I looove that white cabinet in there. A rug in the living room would be one element I would definitely add too. xoxo
    PS: your dinner plans sound delicious, I might make a pizza too this evening. :)

  4. Nice to hear that you are well again - what an energy ;o) Sounds nice with pizza - I bought a nice rooster yesterday - so now I have to determine how to prepare it for dinner ;o) Maybe in a pot with redwine - onions etc - coq au vin - yummy ;o)
    No - we did not at all sell everything - and now I have 5 big boxes to unpack - so what we sold is replaced with new nice items - today I have to take photos of lovely textiles - quilts - pillows etc. so nice ;o)
    Hope your weekend will be sunny and lovely ;o)

  5. I absolutely adore white or even better off-white paint and the vibe of that house is so lovely and relaxing.

    Take care and enjoy your pizza (as every good Italian, I do it every w-e).

    Lisa, I've just discovered your blog, so nice!

  6. Here it is! Lovely home! You really wouldn't think that the wall papered bright coloured kitchen is the same as the white minimalistic one.

  7. although i admire scandinavian minimalism, i just don`t manage to live this way... your are really something Lisa! here goes that Bug!

  8. That kitchen is too sweet ♥
    A very bold wallpaper, but ot works!

    Hugs and feel better soon!
    And shush back into bed with you ;)

  9. good for you, get that bug out of your system!! My man and I were looking at design blogs recently and I discovered he's a fan of the minimalist/modern-ish style....and I'm much more of a bohemian/natural type...if there is such a thing. But the more I look at that type of decor, and especially at your photos above, the more I like it. Wonder if there's a way to do bohemian minimalist?

    p.s. Speaking of my man, can I bring him with me when I come as your live in maid? He is handy around the house and can keep your husband company when we have girls nights (I mean, I can't cook and clean ALL the time...right?!)

    Happy weekend, Lisa!

  10. I love this wallpaper on the first photos!
    So beautiful!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  11. Mine is a two floors cottage and downstairs I have just one large room, with the kitchen corner and a living room space. My sofa has legs. I keep on moving from the wall to the center of the room…depending on the mood. Sometimes I want to have more space, so it goes on the wall, sometimes I want to have a more defined living room space, and so I move it in the center. I'm restless when it comes to moving furniture around.
    This is a great apartment.
    And keep it up with your war against being sick!!

  12. that's one great apartment. too bad it's in the wrong part of Europe. I really can't move further north. I also couldn't afford it, of course :)

    I hope you feel better soon. happy weekend!!!

  13. Hmmm...Pizza and red wine, sounds like a perfect match, I wish I could come over!

  14. I will happily leave my life in Paris for this apartment. Wonderful!

  15. I love so the kitchen' s colors !!
    See you, Nedj

  16. I love the kitchen too! The wallcoverings are gorgeous! xo

  17. Wow I love your blog, your posts are so creative, I'm following you now! :) But this post is wonderful, the furniture in that apartment and the decoration - everything just looks so lovely and cute! I would definitely love living there :)

  18. It's wonderful. Adore the warm and inviting feel and of course the minimalism ~

  19. Love that first wallpaper, it has a lovely, fresh, retro feel to it! Hope you kicked the bug for sure!x

  20. Glad you are feeling better :) This is a beautiful home, I love the doors. Our dining table looks just the same as we have a white oval one and that exact same chairs;) You are so right about the position of a sofa!

  21. I adore this type of design and style.

    I hope you're feeling better Lisa.



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