Sunday, 11 September 2011

rustic sunday kitchen

There is something about kitchen photos on Sundays; at least I think so. Today I chose a kitchen with a white rustic look, featured in Livingetc in 2009 (I think they didn't use the second photo, though). Actually, I've already posted another angle of this kitchen (top right corner here) but I'm especially drawn to that particular corner in the first photo. I love the bottles and that jar with the spoons and all the bowls in the shelves – wish they were mine! I also wouldn't mind having the cupboard to the far right in the second photo. In my opinion, beautiful kitchenware should be on display. When we find a more permanent home in Belgium I'm definitely getting myself one, preferably made of oak coated with just a hint of white oil (I still miss the one we had in Iceland, it's the one in the top left corner here).

Got any plans today? Hubby says we're going somewhere but he won't tell me where. I've charged the camera battery in case it turns out to be a photo-worthy place.  Have a wonderful Sunday!

photo credit: Claudia Dulak for Livingetc


  1. The rustic look so rarely appeals to me, but all in white has me questioning my taste.

    Have fun on your mystery trip!

    ps - isn't Living ETC the best?

  2. I really love this look, makes me dream...:)

    Ooh, sounds like fun! :)

    Its raining where I live in Norway today so I'm probably just gonna stay inside nerding on my mac ;)

  3. Oh, I wish this kitchen would be mine! So beautiful!
    Have a nice sunday,

  4. This kitchen is a dream.. so wonderful..
    have a nice sunday..
    many hugs Susi

  5. Pink tiles and bright yellow walls! Sounds... interesting!
    But I like the kitchens you are showing and the new autumn orange design :)


  6. Yes - I love the great cabinet with all the nice stuff in it ;o) exiciting to see where this sundays trip are going to ;o)
    Have a lovely sunday ;o)

  7. What a gorgeous kitchen! Hope you're having a lovely weekend, Lisa xoxo

  8. oh! isn`t that a dream or what ? love every little corner of this kitchen...

  9. Dream kitchen... sometimes I think that living in a place like this would totally change my life :)

  10. Such a lovely kitchen; I'm a big fan of white and combined with the rustic look makes for a match made in heaven. Hope you had a lovely weekend! xo

  11. Beautiful! I'm also a big fan of open shelves and having kitchen things on display, especially the ones you use every day. Have a lovely week. x Sharon

  12. LOVE this kitchen, already pinterest'd it

  13. Beautiful kitchen, I love the white and rustic look.
    The bottle and jar collection is enviable!
    Hope you had a lovely Sunday:)
    Wendy xo

  14. Beautiful! It's definitely going in my inspiration folder for the new apartment!

    xx E.


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