Friday, 7 October 2011

art & sophistication

This beautiful and bright prewar apartment is located in New York City. The owners have a selection of art, which was taken into account when it was renovated by architect David Ruff of Design Laboratories and decorated by Penny Drue Baird of Dessins. I love clutter free spaces; it's like every single piece in that apartment has its own place. That hand-painted wallpaper in the dining room ... I have no words for that. I'd like to simply sit in that room for a moment and admire it. (Yes, you should know by now that I have a soft spot for wallpaper.) And that sink and wall in the toilet are incroyable! By the way, that's French for incredible.

Have a fabulous Friday!

photo credit:
Simon Upton for Architectural Digest


  1. I LOVE the bedroom - why doesn´t mine look like that?! :-)

  2. Beautiful! Especially loving the living room, bathroom and hallway details (stole the hall way pic for inspiration ;) )
    I wish our bedroom was big enough to fit a small sofa in - it must be so wonderful to enjoy a book or coffee while sitting on that sofa by the window...

  3. wow, that's hand-painted wallpaper? amazing and stunning. and i agree about that wall and sink!

    that Cecily Brown painting does NOT work for me in their living room at all. the others are perfect. love how the large ones sit in the wall.

  4. Hello Lisa,

    I loved the bathroom wall. Gorgeous.


  5. So beautiful! Love this style!
    Have a nice weekend,

  6. I go crazy for white walls and wallpapers. Sofisticated and very CHIC! have a wonderful weekend, lisa! Xxxx

  7. I have to admit, I'm not that into wallpapers, I like the walls to breath and I find nothing more elegant than a white wall. But that hallway looks incredible, its simplicity is beautiful. Hope you're enjoying your Friday, Lisa!

  8. Whenever I see gorgeous NY apartments I get so envious. I don't know why. I mean just because I live in NY I guess I feel like I should be living in a similar abode. Gotta get over that.... :)

    Have a great weekend, Ada! xoxo

  9. That dining room is so beautiful... I LOVE it!! xo

  10. OMG - I totally love the sink in the bathroom and the wallpaper - just adorable.
    Have a sunny weekend,

  11. ooh, another dream home. LOVE love that painting in the second pic (is that the Cecily Brown?) I want it, I need it.... okay so maybe I can be inspired by it and get on with my own paintbrushes? That rug is gorgeous too but perhaps not practical for us in the white (hmmm).
    Love the Dining room - stunning.
    Gorgeous bathroom with matching vanity and wallpaper.
    ohhh, can I just visit for a while?

  12. I never had wallpaper in the house up to now, but I'm seriously thinking into making this kind of arrangement that would include one.


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