Friday, 21 October 2011

carrie bradshaw & big's flat

This post may be a bit clichéd, I know, but lately I have found myself viewing these photos in my inspiration folder. I don't know about you but in my opinion the story of that second SATC film was a disappointment. One of the scenes that probably saved the film is where Miranda and Charlotte are talking about motherhood, the I-can't-lose-the-nanny! scene. It was hilarious. However, what the storyline lacked the design team perfectly made up for.

The design was in the hands of production designer Jeremy Conway and set decorator Lydia Marks. There are so many elements in Carrie and Big's apartment that I like. In the living room I really like the play between that yellow gold painting, the blue wool-mohair sofa and the two beige side chairs. I love the idea of using bookends on a coffee table; I don't remember seeing books standing up on a coffee table before. (I showed this to hubby and we are thinking about using this idea for a few small books that we like to keep within reach. We just need to find small bookends.)

The hallway is glamorous with the wallpaper and two big lamps. I love the idea of using wood and white in kitchens and this is beautifully done with these gorgeous blue tiles in between. The oxidized-metal chandelier in the dining room is not my favourite but for this space it works perfectly. No words are really needed for the walk-in wardrobe, feminine on one side and masculine on the other. I want it!

The bedroom is probably my least favourite space. Well, I love the curtains and these gorgeous lamps but that wallpaper and headboard fail to impress me. But let me add that everything on the bed itself I find beautiful. Remember that horrible scene where Big had bought the TV for Carrie and put it in their bedroom? My heart is still aching. Talking about killing romance!

If you have an opinion on the film's set design then please share it. This is a subject that I find fascinating. (I've already posted Carrie's apartment after it was redecorated if this is a subject that interests you.)

Have a fabulous Friday everyone!

photo credit:
Craig Blankenhorn


  1. I think it´s a beautiful movie visually; lots of eye candy. I hated the movie itself though, found it absolutely horrid - which I was sad about since I loved the first one. Doubt I´d pay to see a third movie if they made it, that´s how much I disliked number 2.

  2. books right end up work on such a low table. like it.

    is this apartment the same one they go to see that is large with a little garden area and Big says 'we'll take it'? or is this one they go for instead?
    because that first one is just stunning, the architectural details and light.

    totally with you on the 2nd film. they were trying to hard, what with the whole location thing etc, rather than keeping it to the simple formula of love's complexities.

  3. Hey Lisa! I agree with you about the movie and apartment overall...their flat was stunning! Some pieces were over the top but fit their movie personalities perfectly. Thanks for the eye candy!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. HI Lisa, couldn't agree with you more... the 2nd SATC movie was a complete let down, but visually it was a feast! And I remember I shed a tear when Miranda and Charlotte had their talk on motherhood - I think that resonated with every mother in the audience. You're right the set design and decoration was a treat. I loved their whole apartment - a great mix of designer, vintage, and whimsical pieces. I laughed when Big insisted on lying across that beautiful delicate sofa! Hysterical.. (not unlike my place - without the multimillion$ sofa of course!). I do like that chandelier - something very unique. I would still like to see a 3rd SATC (a sequel in a series of movies is quite often not the best!).
    Have a great day.

  5. For me it's all about the coffee table! Loved it from the minute I saw it. Lou x

  6. I thought the story was alright, but nothing too special, but frankly, SATS for me is more about the outfits and interiors and a few funny moments. The designers did a wonderful job on decorating this place - it's beautiful and has so many little (and not so little) details to admire. x

  7. Well, the movies were not something special,the serial was the "THING", there are so many funny moments, I've seen it six times and enjoy every moment of it! So, Little Rus is right, the movies were about the outfits, those wonderful clothes that any girls dreams to touch and wear one day. Moreover, in the last one, there is no drama, everything is cool, each of the four has her little kind of perfect life (marriage, dog, children, love) the serial, there was so much drama and so many illusion/disillusion ...that kept us wondering and guessing what's next...
    Now, about the interior design, I have to agree that the wardrobe, a whole room made by Big for Carrie to keep the clothes and especially, the shoes! That's a dream came true, girls!Indeed, the game/contrast blue-yellow is magnificent. I think that the designer did not think about "Less is more" when he decorated this apartment. Do you see how the vase in the second image matches perfectly the wall of the other room, OMG! Now, about the bedroom,I like most that blue round bag! Just awesome! But I remember Carrie leaving for Paris with the Russian and having all kind of little colored luggage like this one. It is so chic!

  8. I'm right there with you. Visually it was a treat but the story line was pretty weak. Loved their closet and their living room :)

    Have a great weekend, Lisa! xoxo

  9. I have to say, I really loved the series the first time it ran on HBO. And do want that box set. But the movies, NO. I didn't see the point of them. And you were so right, Lisa, the motherhood scene is the best. About the set design, it' snot exactly my style, I find it a little too cluttered. Plus I'm not a fan of the wallpaper. I love the idea of the bookends for the coffee table and the one room I would want to have just as it is the walk-in wardrobe. That one is perfect! Have a beautiful weekend, Lisa! :)

  10. I absolutely love it - SATC has always been a feast for the eyes - i just want to be them sartorially although the plots were a tad weak in the films i still watch them for the outfits and how i would love to live in such elegant done houses - with Frank and 3 other beasties prob not so likely - have a good weekend x

  11. I'm probably going to hit over the head with a club, but I've never watched SATC, shows or movies.

    Love the color of the sofa.

    (Hope you enjoyed your pizza!)

  12. overwhelming is the word that comes to my mind ;o))) Great weekend to you Lisa ;o)

  13. Well, the movie might not have been a good one but it was somehow funny. I also have to admit I did not have big expectations about it ;)
    In regards to design i loved the lighting and lamps they used and the coffee table is genius idea; for the rest I would have loved to see a bit more simplistic bedroom, still elegant but somehow less details.

  14. I completely agree that their apartment was the high point of movie #2. I love everything about it!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Lisa! xo

  15. Gah, I hated that movie, I get embarrased just from thinking about it...
    But those booksends in the first picture have been on my mind ever since so I think you might be on to something :)

    Hugs and a happy Saturday!

  16. I have always wonderd who was the set decorator.... That wardrobe is a dream.


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