Tuesday, 4 October 2011

dries van noten spring summer 2012

Here is the Dries Van Noten post I promised you this morning, a few looks from his spring/summer 2012 collection, which he showed at the Paris Fashion Week. I absolutely love the lightscape prints in the first four images, which are a collaboration of Dries Van Noten and the English photographer James Reeve (you can see the photos under 'lightscapes' on his website).

And I found this video of the collection on YouTube. Enjoy!


I found this short video too and simply had to add it to the post. It shows the prints I was so interested in, those in the top photos above, and it contains interviews as well. 

PS. If you haven't already seen the photos I took of his beautiful shop in Antwerp then here they are.

photo credit:
Yannis Vlamos for Vogue US


  1. Hmm, not my favorite collection, but I would not mind one of those clutches I suppose ;)

    And blogger is a bit moody today for me as well, god knows what it is this time!

    Hugs and a happy Tuesday to you

  2. Oh the shapes! I want the orange pants in the top photographs. !!

    Sweet sugary blog (:

    hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *

  3. Oh yes please! I'll have one of everything (is that too greedy?). Loving it all.
    Helen :)

  4. I looooooove dries! Thanks so much for the mention on twitter! xx

  5. My own private fashion show at Latte Lisas - wauuwww - nice details - but too expensive for my wallet - but everyone can dream ;o))))
    Nice wednesday to you ;o)

  6. Oh, beautiful! The detailing on those two black jackets and that white skirt, yes please! :)

  7. I just saw the second video... oh! (sigh!!) The skirt with the coloured stones...(sighhhhhh!) And the etchings and drawings and mix of prints...no words.
    PS: How cute is that photographer James Reeve?


  8. I've got to agree with Signe, also not my favourite collection but there are elements about it that I adore like the colours and the lengths of the jackets, I am also crazy about those clutches!

  9. The black blazer with the paint splash needs to be mine. A very elegant and grown-up collection, don't you think?


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