Thursday, 27 October 2011

emil the owl & magazines

I have the best aunt ever! Okay, I realize there are plenty of awesome aunts out there but mine is definitely in the top 10 on the list of awesome aunts around the world. Yesterday I found a huge envelope from her in the mail that contained these three Danish interior magazines and two Icelandic ones. That owl, called Emil, was included with the October 2011 issue of Bolig. It's the work of the Danish artist Anne-Sofie Holm, who's only 29, and it took her more than sixty hours to complete the illustration (she uses pens, colour pencils, water colours, gouache, poster paint and metallic colours).

Emil the owl will soon be in a frame on my wall. I love it! And I love my aunt!

This home is not quite done with illness. This morning our son was complaining about his jaw, close to the right ear, and at the breakfast table we literally watched the gland swell up. Hubby took him straight to the doctor and he has to stay home for at least three days. It's a bit scary to see how swollen his right side is right now – our poor boy! His lungs and ears are clean; it's only the throat. It seems to me that he's quite happy to be home because hubby doesn't have to go to work until Monday so our boy is getting plenty of attention from both of us.

So, in our home today it's mainly magazines, books, coffee and mandarin oranges, with Emil the owl watching over us. I hope you are enjoying a fine Thursday!

photo credit: Lisa Hjalt


  1. sorry your boy is ill.mine is only just getting over a snotty nose. i cannot wait to finally get out of the house this weekend.
    i hope he recovers quickly.

    LOOOOVE the owl. i'm working on an owl right now, but feel so inferior after seeing this one. lol

  2. Aww, poor little boy! I hope you´ll be over and done with this soon.

    That owl is wonderful, such vivid colors! :-)

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your little guy, Lisa. But he is in good hands. :) Love the owl! It will look great on your wall. Wonderful aunt you have. :)

  4. Hope your son feels better soon...very scary indeed!!
    Super cute owl:)

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  5. First of all, I hope your little son will get well soon. What a lovely presents you received! And the owl is adorable...

  6. I love that owl illustration! Will definitely look lovely in a frame! How nice to receive that package in the mail.

    I hope your son feels better soon. Sore throats are awful.


  7. Nice to meet you, Emil the colored owl and I can't wait to see how you will choose the frame because I have some Toulouse Lautrec images and I am not sure what frame will do best! Well, hope your little one will feel better!

  8. Emil the owl is adorable! It will make a beautiful piece of art hanging on your wall! Hope the little one gets better soon...

    P.S - thanks for your comment yesterday, it really made me giggle and cheered me up!

  9. Beautiful gifts from your aunt!!

  10. Your aunt does indeed sound like a gem ♥
    And now the kids! You guys must be at the end of your patience with bugs this year...

    Hugs and hope he feels better soon!

  11. What a fabulous aunt! I need one like that :)

    Sorry to hear how sick he is. Sounds scary to see him like that. At least you have lots of lovely things to occupy you while you're home bound. Hope he gets better soon! xoxo

  12. Lucky you! We have a thing for owls in our house.. love em. Lucky you and your aunt giving sending you that great package... would love to get my hands on those magazines for a few hours.
    Poor little guy, nothing worse than nursing the kids... hope he gets better soon.

  13. love that owl! always fun to get something written on your own language... enjoy : )

  14. So sorry to hear your little guy is so sick - you must be very worried. I hope he gets some good rest and makes a speedy recovery. But on a brighter note I adore the owl painting, the detail is incredible! Your aunt is a very special lady to send you all those magazines! xx

  15. Your boy definitely deserves lots of extra special attention. Hope he's feeling better soon.

  16. Hope your little boy is better soon, what a stress. Just as well your aunt sent you a lovely package, it will definitely help you feel better. The owl illustration is lovely xx

  17. Poor boy - hope he will get better soon and that illness will loosen its grip on you poor family ;o))))
    Nice aunt you have - its must definately be top 10 ;o) and the owl was sweet and looks wise ;o)
    Have a really nice weekend - hope that your boy gets better soon ;o)

  18. I like the owl draw, hope the little one is feeling better :)


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