Saturday, 8 October 2011

grace not perfection

I saw that beautiful poster on Pinterest a few days ago, designed by Emily Ley, and was immediately reminded of a photo of Karen Elson wearing a dress in similar colour, which I have kept in my inspiration folder for a long time. It was part of an editorial in Vogue Italia, the April 2007 issue; it had a circus theme and was photographed so beautifully by Steven Meisel. Anyway, that colour reminds me of some of the outfits we saw at the Paris Fashion Week; I'm thinking the spring/summer 2012 collections of Chanel and Louis Vuitton, which were absolutely gorgeous – not only the outfits but the shows too (click on the links and watch the videos to see for yourself!).

Today I want to add one more thing to my post, a token of appreciation. I've already shared this on Twitter and Facebook but I wanted to post it on the blog too.

On Thursday I was viewing the blogs I like to visit daily and to my surprise I found some of my own photos in a collage at Lana's blog lanalou style. Lana lives in Cape Town, South Africa and I've been following her for some time. (By the way, she's killing me with her spring/summer photos these days!) Lana had written this beautiful post mentioning two of her favourite blogs and there I was with my blog friend SignePling (you all know her by now, right?). I was very happy to be there with Signe because she was one of my first followers. So, again I wanted to thank Lana for this kind gesture. Have you ever visited South Africa? Lana has totally sold it to me with her wonderful posts on cafés, restaurants and beautiful shops in Cape Town and its surrounding area.

Wishing you all a graceful Saturday!

photo credit:

left: Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia
right: Emily Ley

LatteLisa collage via lanalou style


  1. What a beautiful post, Lisa! The poster and photo go so well together, the heavenly shade that gorgeous dress has! It was lovely finding you featured on Lana's blog. :) I've never been to South Africa, but hoping to one day. Have a beautiful Saturday! xoxo

  2. lovely post. What is perfection anyway? Grace is less stressful to aim for. And much better for everyone you meet along the way.
    I'll have to check out Lana's blog too. Isn't that the best thing ; finding friends from around the world.
    PS: I'm jealous!

  3. I saw that - it was nice of her! I´ve never been there but maybe one day..! :-)

  4. Now I have to thank you, Lisa, for the kind words!:)
    As Helen said, it's great making friends all over the world and we have blogging to thank for it!
    Have a fantastic weekend! xx

  5. what a sweet post. it's so nice to meet cool bloggers, isn't it :)

  6. Dear Lisa,
    yes, I know Lana,too and like the view of a land that she`s showing us. I`ve never been to South Africa, but would like to see this country one day.
    It`s been a while since I started following her and I guess I found her site thru your favourite blogs (...but don`t remember).

    The shops & cafes always look so inviting to me.
    I`m totally with you. The world is unique! :)

    ooh, my cake is smelling in the oven...!
    Wonderful, cosy weekend...looks like april weather outside, today! Beate :)

  7. Beautiful quote and I just love that photo of Karen Elson. The photo matches the quote perfectly.

    And how wonderful to have been featured over at Lana's. All three of you ladies are incredible.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Lisa! xoxo

  8. Lovely quote and photo Lisa. I read Lana's blog too. Her photos makes me want to travel or jump right in her photos. Thank you both for sharing Signe Pling. I will now read her blog.

  9. Lisa, I read her blog, I DIE! Very pretty and inspiring! Thanks again for sharing!

  10. Have a wonderful sunday!
    And now I go to Lana!

    ♥ Franka

  11. Beautiful post, it is so lovely to meet people from all over the world and share a little of their lives.
    A wonderful quote!

  12. Nice photos as always ;o) and South Africa - wow it looks very nice ;o) Nice sunday to you Lisa ;o)

  13. You totally worth the appreciation, dear Lisa :)

  14. I adored Lana's post on her blog faves..such a treat to discover new and beautiful blogs! I'll be back! [not to be meant in a Terminator kind of way though ;-) ]

  15. Ég kíki daglega og stundum x2 á dag ;
    Bloggið þitt er mitt uppáhalds.
    ps bið að heilsa Fríðu vinkonu....

    kær kveðja Gyða.

  16. Lovely post and not at all surprised your gorgeous blog got a mention, Lisa :)

  17. Sweet Lana - and sweet YOU for posting about it :)

    I still find it a bit amusing that we ended up in the same post (on the other side of the planet) since I have been reading your blog for what must be an eternity now in the blogosphere!

  18. Hello,

    what a lovely place.
    I like it!



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