Monday, 10 October 2011

hello yellow

I enjoyed a very relaxing weekend with mainly Indian food and I think all the Indian spices brought on a yellow mood. All I could think about posting today was something yellow. It's a colour that has been growing on me. I probably wouldn't use it on walls but I can definitely see myself decorating with it, and I wish that yellow Le Creuset were mine. Call me crazy but I'm a firm believer that food tastes better when cooked in gorgeous kitchenware!

How is this Monday treating you so far?

UPDATE: Happy Thanksgiving all you Canadians out there!

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  1. It´s POURING down outside - a classic, cold autumn rain... But I don´t care (and am just a tiny bit bitter) - I´m still heading out for a powerwalk when I come home! :-)

    Love the yellow in these pics, such a pick me up - color! :-)

  2. Yellow has been growing on me lately too! I never used to be a big yellow fan...

    Today is nice. It is Thanksgiving here in Canada so it is a holiday today :)

  3. Yellow is such a happy color! I especially enjoy the more muted tones (ie mustard- hehe, spice ;) this time of year.
    Enjoy your week Lisa! xoxo

  4. I'd take that pan from Le Creuset in any color, but I do admit it is pretty in yellow :)

    And funny, I did a tangerine yellow post today as well!


  5. I have a theory:
    when you cook happier and with love, the dishes are i agree with you.
    I love yellow in decoration, especially the mustard yellow. It is elegant and believe in me that you can mix it with many other colours. Happy Monday!

  6. Oh I can't help but be happy when I see the color yellow. And I just love that Le Creuset. Makes me want to trade in my red for this beauty :)

    Hope your week is off to a wonderful start, Lisa! xoxo

  7. A weekend full of Indian food. How lovely. I have a blue Le Creuset casserole just like that but wish it was yellow now. Have a great week Lisa.

  8. yellow is a bit of a tricky colour, but if used right it's great. I love mustardy yellows. love the chairs!!!

  9. Yellow isn't a color I would normally choose, but I love the pops of color, especially in the first photo. That balloon!

    I LOVE my Le Creuset! Definitely gets a lot of use in my house.

  10. Hi Lisa, Well, that yellow balloon painting would brighten any day. Come to think of it, so would that Aga!


  11. I've come to love yellow lately too, it's such a happy colour and used in the right doses can work wonders. :)

  12. love the yellow air balloon over the stove : )

  13. oh yes, a yellow Le Creuset would be fabulous. although i prefer looking at them than actually cooking with them, so darn heavy! a few pots on a shelf just for decoration?

  14. Oh I agree with Eleni. Mustard yellow is my favourite. With some black and/or grey textiles and rustic rooms :)
    I got a set of LeCreuset in black for our wedding. I think I've used it once. It is so heavy and I don't have patience to do slow cooking stews and casseroles. Although I love when my grandmother did her special recipes... :)

  15. Hehehe! You are absolutely right! Food tastes better when cooked in gorgeous kitchenware. I love the kitchen and dining area! Now, I want to eat indian foods! How I miss the spicy food! Happy Thanksgiving Canadians! =)

  16. loving a little punch of yellow too. A set of a couple of Le Creuset would be great wouldn't it... yellow would do it, or red or blue, whatever.

    What time is dinner ?



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