Thursday, 13 October 2011

paris by signe vilstrup

The Danish photographer Signe Vilstrup is without a doubt one of my favourites out there. She simply has that magical touch when it comes to photographing gorgeousness (remember this editorial I posted in June?). I could easily post all her editorials but I guess that could get very repetitive. The photos above are from one called 'Paris' which she did for Vanity Fair and it stole my heart.

On a personal note, the beginning of this day has been nothing less than perfect: the mailman rang the bell with an Amazon package (love those!), I got a haircut and bought fresh flowers, and when I got back home I enjoyed Italian bread with salmon and made a big bowl of latte. Yes, latte in a bowl is my thing when I'm very latte greedy (happens often).

I know you guys by now, you'll all be asking what was in the Amazon package. Well, I was mainly ordering books for hubby, whom I've almost lost to the world of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. For me I got The September Issue on DVD because I've always wanted to own it. I can watch all the scenes with Grace Coddington again and again, and luckily they are many. I love her. (Could someone please tell Grace to write her autobiography?!!) The book I got for myself was The Diary of Anaïs Nin 1944-1947. It's been on my list for years.

Have a fantastic Thursday everyone! And thank you all for visiting and leaving wonderful comments, I really appreciate them.

photo credit:
Signe Vilstrup for Vanity Fair


  1. I need a haircut too - makes me feel a bit refreshened. :-)

    Oh my goodness, such pics! I wish I was a little bit glamorous like that, but no such luck! :-D

  2. What a lovely day! Your amazon order sounds wonderful, I love the documentary, too and would love to read the book some day. And how fab is it to have a bucket of latte to enjoy?! Awww, blissful moments... x

  3. Living beautifully. Yes, that's what you do. I'm a very optimistic person, but after I've visited your blog I feel even happier. :) A magical editorial that is, Lisa. And thank you for the book tips, always need those. I don't have 'The September Issue' on DVD, I should get that one too. :)

  4. I just love hearing what fabulous books you got in your Amazon package! I always go and check them out! Stunning pictures too! Makes me want to go and put on a sparkly dress(Chanel) and get my behind to Paris!

  5. Glad you are having a great day, mine has been utter shit. 6 stitches on my back and now the flu as well - booooo Thursday!

    Ah well - at least these pretty pictures helps a little bit :)


  6. No nothing like that! I just had a mole that I wanted to get looked at but the doctor was of another opinion and just cut it off right then and there! Doctors nowadays! Now, all this would have been fine and dandy if I didn't end up with this flu just from stepping over their doortep.

    Hehe, I'll live ;)

  7. Hi, This is a very beautiful photo shoot, love all the sequins!!


  8. fabulous photos. love the outfits, and love Paris.

    ps: am reading game of thrones, too, horribly addictive, even for someone who is usually not into fantasy!

  9. These are STUNNING photos! lol, latte in a bowl! Love it!

    And thanks for the happy thanksgiving! It was a great weekend, but I've been so busy lately, I ended up burning out and now have strep throat :(

    Also, don't worry about your hubby - those books are fabulous! I read the first one when I was 16 (11 years ago!) and haven't looked back :)

  10. Oh Lisa these are just gorgeous! She is one of my favorite photogs as well. Glad that you've had such a lovely day! Happy almost Friday :) xoxo

  11. What lovely pictures and dresses ;o) I'm proud of beeing a Dane right now ;o))
    Nice weekend to you Lisa - today blue sky and sun - but cold - and 2 new books have arrived - so busy day with sending all the books to my customers ;o)


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