Tuesday, 4 October 2011

pink tuesday

Today I was going to post some outfits from the Dries Van Noten spring/summer 2012 collection but my draft refuses to cooperate with me; it can't be previewed and refuses to be saved. So, instead I'm turning this into a pink Tuesday.

The photo is from a scene in the first SATC film, the wedding dress photo shoot for Vogue US. That gorgeous dress Carrie Bradshaw [SJP] is wearing is from Christian Lacroix. I find that setting so beautiful, so French – parfait! Audrey Hepburn's 'I believe' quote somehow fitted well with that photo.

Have a lovely day! I'll try to post the Dries Van Noten post later today.

photo credit:
left: Patrick Demarchelier / scene from SATC (2008)
right: Chick Lingo
via Pinterest


  1. i always liked what she said about happy girls.

  2. il ove thequotes you pick and the way you present them to us... perfect!

  3. I love it how you presented the last few posts - a picture and a quote that go so beautifully together. That scene from SATS is one of my favourite also. It always feels a little bit like a dream every girl would like to be in. :)

  4. I believe in Audrey and in tomorrows (thoughthat might have something to do with Gone with the Wind and Vivienne Leigh?) Love that Lacroix dress and the whole wedding dress scene SATC... Gorgeous.
    Yes please more Dries soon!
    Have a good day...

  5. Love the dress and the quote. Audrey was one of a kind. xo

  6. Ooh this is one of my favourite SATC scenes; the dress is absolutely stunning! Such a perfectly fun quote too! xx

  7. Dear Lisa,
    oh, times got a little bit busy around here....
    but today I was reading all your last posts! :)

    Want to buy me a sweet little thing at Paul`s Patisserie right now....mmmh! Know it from London and I adore his cake creations.

    Have a sunny october, Lisa!
    Beate :)

  8. I can read this quote a thousand times! And of course watch that SATC scene a thousand times as well, sigh <3...

  9. I believe in everything Audrey says in that quote. Happy Tuesday, Lisa!

  10. This is one of my all time favorite quotes! And that SJP photo fits perfectly! Have a wonderful Tuesday, Lisa! xoxo

  11. I usually shy away from pink, but the soft, dusty shades are starting to grow on me.

    One of the best quotes!

  12. Love the words and SJP in that gorgeous setting, beautiful!x

  13. How could I miss this post? Hmmm...Oh, those long black gloves and those pearls remind me of the perfect Audrey's image in Breakfast at Tiffany's - classic beauty and style. We do have to believe in miracles and make the best of every day by laughing and being happy! I guess the most difficult thing is to be strong when everything around goes wrong! I love SJP!


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