Saturday, 1 October 2011

shape of my heart

Sometimes there is nothing like strong brewed coffee and toast while listening to the voice of Sting on a Saturday morning. It's another beautiful and sunny day in Antwerp, as if summer hasn't quite said its last word. I'm fine with that.

Have a beautiful day!

photo credit:
top-left: Clémence Poésy in Valentino
photographed by ? for InStyle UK
top-right: Mona Johannesson in Sonia Rykiel
photographed by Jimmy Backius for Elle Sweden
(via Pinterest)
bottom: Lisa Hjalt

 YouTube: Sting / Shape of My Heart


  1. Wish that was my quiet morning to day....

    I had a total different one. Early up and off to fotballcup for mini boys n' girls. But summer has not said its last word here either, so we have had a wonderful start on our day with 3 of 3 victorie matches :D

  2. Summer has definitely had its last word here. *humph*

    Hayk introduced me to Sting a few months ago (can you believe I had never heard his songs before??)....and Shape of My Heart was the first he played, and now favorite(also really like Rise and Fall with Craig David).

    Sounds like a lovely morning, Lisa. Hope the rest of your weekend is just as nice!

  3. so true - coffee & sting - there is something about the cadence of his voice, his music,
    the words of his songs
    just as java gives one that deep full satisfied
    feeling - for me anyway.

  4. A sunny day here too ;o) But we are painting the house and lots of other stuff - but I will reveal later this week on my blog - but painting in lovely weather is good - then the paint dries faster - sigh ..... ;o)))

  5. Absolutely...! But my mornings are more listening to Thomas the Tank Engine...(he he he)... nothing like that either.

    PS: we saw Sting earlier this year in open air concert in the Melbourne twilight - absolutely fantastic! No coffee though, just a glass of sauvignon blanc.

    Helen :)

  6. Here in New Zealand winter hasn't yet had its last word, either - I'm waiting desperately for summer!

    Andrea x


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