Wednesday, 2 November 2011

autumn crush

I'm enjoying one of those moments that cannot really be described with words; a moment where you are just doing your thing and life seems perfect. Even the children are playing peacefully. Unfortunately such moments don't last forever so I'm really making the best of mine. I'm feeling inspired by beautiful autumn colours, good food (just ate Italian bread with salmon and a touch of dijon – mon dieu) and literature (thank you Anaïs Nin for having kept a diary!).

This morning I suddenly felt the need to have a French rosemary chicken stew for dinner. It's just a name I invented for a recipe I came across about two years ago, called autumn stew. I first tried it in the tiny kitchen we had when we lived in Copenhagen, then changed it a bit last autumn when we had moved to Antwerp and made it mine. Once I added a tablespoon of organic dijon mustard to the saucepan, which wasn't in the original recipe, there was no going back with the name. So, in this house we call it French chicken rosemary stew and I promise to share it soon on kitchen & aroma. Anyway, I drove to the supermarket to get what I needed and came home with a big bag of organic stuff and beautiful red tulips. I had almost forgotten how much I love tulips.

Now I'm sitting here with a bowl of pistachios (you thought I was going to say latte, didn't you?) and beside me is a stack of recipes that I'm going through; all kinds of experiments I've been doing in the kitchen for the last two years. I looked at the stack and beamed because all of a sudden I realized that I have a very good excuse to go shopping for a gorgeous notebook. Even my younger daughter looked at the stack and said: "Mum, you need to get a notebook for all that!" I like it when my greed gets an unexpected and full support.

I'll leave you now and go back to enjoying my tulips, Anaïs Nin and my stack of recipes. I hope you are enjoying a wonderful day!

photo credit: Lisa Hjalt


  1. Beautiful photos, Lisa! So glad that you chose to share the 3 :)

    I'm heading on over to check out your other blog. Don't know why I didn't know of it before. Silly me! I love to cook and I know I'll just love what you do on over there.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. I love tulips too. And I always need a new notebook, it must be beautiful too. I have an autumn crush this season too, Lisa. Have been enjoying it to the full. Have a beautiful day! xoxo

  3. lovely photos! i adore patterns and repetition...especially fall themed ones.

  4. Hahahan, you crack me up!
    I am sure you didn't ;)

    And lovely images in both this post and the one below, your outdoor picture taking skills are amazing :)

  5. I love that colour red of those fallen leaves - gorgeous. A gal always needs a new notebook I say! In fact, I just bought one for me (again) for sketches and ideas. No matter how fantastic the i-phone is a notebook to jot down words and pictures is always better (for me!)
    Have a good day, Helen:)

  6. Sounds so nice - I have to go through your other blog someday - I love nice recipes ;o)
    2 o'clock in the middle of the night it is - now I'm down with a cold and pain in my throath - arrrggghhh - and I don't have the time ;o) But isn't that always so ;o)

  7. It´s fun to find pretty notebooks - so good for you! :-)

  8. Sounds like a perfect day, contemplating and eating delicious food! I love these beautiful shots Lisa! xx

  9. We`ve got such a beautiful autumn, Lisa! Right now the sun is shining brigthly into my living room and it feels good!
    This year seems like we have a very slowly changing into winter time....

    Falling leaves wherever I go and it is not possible anymore to walk without a sound.I like this season.

    Love the photos you made in the cementary and I can`t understand why it should be forbidden to take photos....funny/strange rules...

    Happy Thursday & Hugs! Beate :)

  10. These photos are amazing... did you take them? So pretty. I hope you do share that rosemary stew recipe it sounds delicious! xo

  11. i'm having one of those afternoons, somehow Miss3 is content to play alone.

    oh do please share the recipe, sounds wonderful and i brought back 2 jars of dijon mustard from uk. lol

  12. amazing color the nature gives us, a true inspiration!I wish I could have more time to benefit of the autumn beauty! I can not believe that I discovered so late this season!

  13. Beautiful autumn photos Lisa! I've always carry notebook with me. I can't live witout it. I hope you had a fabulous day!

  14. do you like Moleskines? maybe you can get one of them.

    p.s. oh, tulips are such lovely flowers.


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