Sunday, 13 November 2011

christmas countdown

The Christmas countdown has started on my blog, which is now wearing its 2011 Christmas clothes. Don't worry, I won't drown you in holiday decor every day, and I'll keep it minimal until December, as in the above photo. How beautiful is that old chest of drawers? I love that colour and all the glass candlesticks on top. Such a beautiful setting!

The weekend was Christmassy as the children prepared their wish lists for Santa Claus, or Sinterklaas as he's called in Belgium. On Saturday he arrived in Antwerp on his ship with his assistants. We met three of them in the city centre and one assistant gave our son a high five. It made him so happy that he barely touched the ground for a few minutes. And yes, I found a rich body cream from Rituals with Indian Rose and Himalaya Honey so my skin is glad. I also got a new pastry cutter set, which means I'm ready for the baking of Christmas cookies.

Speaking of cookies. If you are interested the Christmas recipes section is now up and running on CafeSigrun. You'll find a lot of tasty treats that are also healthy for your body. I'll be making the walnut and raisin cookies, which need no baking, cinnamon cookies, and maple syrup and vanilla cookies, just to name a few.

I hope you're having a wonderful start of the week!

photo credit:
Spike Powell for Country Homes & Interiors


  1. It´s not that long now - I wonder if we´ll get snow soon..? It´s so unusually bare so far.

    Love a Christmas countdown - and I have Santa on my blog today! :-)

    (My cat is VERY disappointed that you can´t babysit - she was looking forward to learn a new language)

  2. I love that chest of drawers, Lisa. The colour is beautiful, on Saturday I bought two bowls from IKEA in that same colour. I'm telling you, my noodle soup tasted better in them. :) I'm looking forward to sharing Christmas related posts myself, but not until December...probably. You've read my mind: I'm very excited about that Christmas recipes section. xo

  3. Christmas...I know, all the shops here have decorations up and the christmas windows are already drawing crowds. I've already been thinking of shopping lists.. and now I'm off to check out those cookie recipes you mentioned! Well, someone's gotta taste them first right? hehehe...

  4. You have such beautiful traditions in your country.
    How exciting for your son!.
    I met Santa Claus once, he paid a special visit my home to bring a gift when I had just come home from hospital, I was 5 year old, had my tonsills out, it was so special:)
    Love that dresser!
    Enjoy the festivities:)
    Wendy x

  5. I adore the beautiful chest of drawers, the colour is soft and lovely. I'm intriguied to know what you didn't like about Lonny; or rather what were the pages you did like? Happy Monday :) xx

  6. Loving that chest and the color! That cream sounds like heaven!! xo

  7. i love that you love christmas! i think it's fun to get all christmassy early!

  8. Love this simple, but gorgeous decor! That chest is beautifully vintage! Can't wait to see what other Christmas posts you have in store :)

  9. That chest of drawers - wow ;o)
    Our children has also made wish lists - our youngest boy was very concerned the other day - he made the list and there were no more lines left to write on - and when we read goodnight story he said :'Oh no - I forgot that I wanted that gun too with ......' he was so sweet - because what now - no more lines to write on ;o) ha ha
    Nice monday evening to you ;o)

  10. Love these beautiful colors, especially since teal/turquoise is sort of unexpected for Christmas, but so beautiful! Love your kids enthusiasm, it brings back memories!

    xo Mary Jo

  11. Lisa, it is never to early in my house to start the christams countdown. I absolutely love everything about this season. I look forward to all your beautiful christmas inspiration over the next few weeks. x

  12. Ì like the red! Pretty! I really want to start the Christmas decorating at home, but haven't really had time yet. I LOVE Christmas

  13. I love that chest

    and its lovely distressed paint.

    Loving the candles and frames too.

    This space has a restrained festivity feel to it.
    love it ♥


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