Thursday, 24 November 2011

happy thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, all my American friends and other friends who celebrate this day, wherever you are in the world!

By this time of the year I've had enough of pumpkin decorations but I love yellow and orange colours at Thanksgiving. The above organic table setting is for a wedding styled by Danielle of Studio Fleurette, but who says it can't work at Thanksgiving as well. The colours are perfect and I love the billy buttons, birch branches and orchids together.

It was on our agenda to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, just to be able to enjoy turkey before Christmas. But last weekend we had our surprise Danish feast so I was wondering that maybe it's too much to have another one this weekend. Well, I haven't quite decided, let's see.

Have a beautiful day dear blog friends and other followers and thanks for the visits and wonderful comments!

photo credit:
Kristina Lynn for Studio Fleurette


  1. What a beautiful table setting!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hehe, feasts are never enough! Oh, and there are many to follow next month =)

  3. Gorgeous table...lovely linen - Happy Thanksgiving.. (although we don't celebrate it in Australia).

  4. Looks so nice ;o) We don't celebrate that here in Denmark ;o)) We are having some friends over on saturday - then it's my turn to make ris a la mande ;o) I'm looking forward ;o)

  5. PS: am searching for the recipe of the biscotti with the dried cranberries you mentioned a couple of weeks ago... but can't find it (not on CafeSigrun site)... fingers crossed - can you let me in on the secret? pretty please (i've got a pack of dried cranberries sitting in the pantry)

  6. Such a pretty tables cape; I love the pops of yellow which are definitely refreshing after the abundant red and green for Christmas xx

  7. This table is just dreamy... I LOVE it! I know what you mean by being kind of sick of the pumpkin hues by Thanksgiving. I'm on to Christmas decor now!! xoxo

  8. I think this is one of the most beautiful Thanksgiving decorations I've seen, Lisa. Simple and elegant. Isn't it amazing how this formula always works? :)

  9. Happy Thanksgiving, darling!
    And thank you for sharing these beautiful photos - you have such a wonderful taste and inspire me every time I visit your blog.

  10. Everyday I have something to be thankful.
    Lisa, I thank you for sharing your daily fabulous inspirations.

  11. ♥ absolutely beautiful table decoration,
    happy thanksgiving hon,

  12. Thank you! I hope you enjoy your day as well. :)

  13. Thank you for your Happy Thanksgiving wishes!...we are looking forward to a delicious meal and wonderful family off to get that turkey in the oven!!!

    :) Lisa

  14. So pretty, one of the best table decorations I have seen!

  15. What a darling tablesetting *smile*
    And we are stealing the grand idea and having an American Thanksgiving on Saturday! Can't wait!


  16. I'm a purple lover, so I love this table...and with yellow, it makes wonders! And even if I managed to kill an orchid and now I try to found how the next one will survives in my apartment, I'm still the orchids' biggest fan!


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