Saturday, 12 November 2011

if i had a flower...

Just a little Tennyson on this Saturday morning. It's a relaxing one in our home, everyone wearing pyjama trousers. We've decided to do some shopping today, just some basic things we need and some skin care products; hand cream and thick body cream to prevent my skin from turning into sandpaper during the colder months. Do you guys use different products during the winter?

I'm predicting latte too, but that was sort of given.

I hope you're enjoying a wonderful day!

photo credit:
den10studio on Etsy


  1. enjoy you lovely saturday... the illustration is really cute : )

    ( about skin care, i have to change all the time. it seems my skin doesn`t like it if i use the same on for a long period of time -like about over two weeks!!! )

  2. Sweet with sweet on it ;o))))
    Nice weekend Lisa ;o)

  3. I really love the Kiehls products...thick and moisturizing, but not too greasy. I imagine that you can get them there.
    Have a great weekend enjoying the beautiful Fall Antwerpen!


  4. Yes, my skin gets really dry in the winter so I use different stuff than what I use in the summer.

    Well, if you´re coming here to steal my bowls - could you babysit my cat for the week..? I mean, if you´re in the neighbourhood and all... :-D

  5. I'm always changing skincare and cream - definately a richer moisturiser for cooler months! Sometimes even just changing from lotion to creme works.

  6. During the winter, I prefer butter blend and I purchase a week ago some Cuccio pomegranate& fig, milk&honey and papaya&guava! very nice and soft for the skin: hands and body!


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