Thursday, 3 November 2011

k&a: french rosemary chicken stew

So, it seems like my French rosemary chicken stew found its way into the food mind of some followers yesterday. We enjoyed it for dinner with bread and there was red wine too. Very nice! I promised the recipe and I'm going to post it on kitchen & aroma later today. I promise. [Update: I've now added the link to the recipe.]

Right now I'm busy in the kitchen baking my oh so good French chocolate cake (what is it with me and everything French?!!). After that I'm baking biscotti with dried cranberries, which I just bought in the health food store (I've never used them in biscotti before, my friend CafeSigrun planted that idea in my mind), and I'm also making delicious dried fruit confectionery in my food processor. So, there is a lot going on in my kitchen and I love it.

What are you guys up to today?

photo credit: Lisa Hjalt


  1. not much... but i do enjoy what you `re doing in your kitchen ; )

  2. My youngest daugther is home on thursdays, we spent the day going to gymnastic, storytime...
    Have a great day.

  3. This both looks and sounds yummy :)
    And I am a bit of a busy bee these days, another job interview and tomorrow we are off to the cabin!


  4. Ah, busy in the kitchen and preparing all those goodies! You make me develop a cooking hobby, Lisa (must write on my shopping list for tomorrow: dried cranberries, of course I'll have to try the up-dated biscotti recipe this weekend!). Hmm, yeah, what's with you and everything French? It's something in the beauty of this autumn. ;)

  5. this looks delicious! Do you have a recipe? I am in my cooking period ;)))

  6. Definitely wish I could come and visit. :) The shot is so great, too! x

  7. Looks delicious Lisa! Ah and Sigrun has such fabulous ideas and recipes. I am so definitely trying that dried fruit :)


  8. Scrumptious! I just saw the receipt for the Chocolate cake..mmmm! I can't wait to see the recipe for the biscotti with the cranberries too.
    Stop it.. you're making me hungry! Again!

  9. What a delicious post, Lisa! The cranberry biscotti especially is very tempting. And you make it seem so easy. :) xo

  10. Save a chair at the dining room for me! I'll bring the coffee! I feel motivated to cook up a storm this weekend!

  11. This recipe looks comforting and delicious! You and your kitchen sound very busy! Mmmm...cranberries are lovely. I had my friend bring me dried cranberries from America as I couldn't find it here.

    p.s. I did have a good time with my best friend, albeit it was really, really short.

    Have a fab weekend!


  12. Oh this looks so delicious & looks like a perfect recipe for the cooler months! Your day in the kitchen sounds wonderful xx

  13. I m the happiest person when I see French stuff, wink


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