Wednesday, 23 November 2011

maastricht sneak peek

I had a wonderful time with my friends in Maastricht yesterday, but I have to admit that I hardly took any photos so let's call this a sneak peek until I return and take some more. Yes, I'm definitely going back. Maastricht is a beautiful city and the Christmas decorations made it even more beautiful. The city centre has many narrow cobblestone streets and strolling around really lifts the spirit.

I think I can honestly say that in the heart of the city I stepped into the most beautiful bookshop I've ever seen. It's an ancient church that has been turned into a bookshop. Words can't really describe it but I found this page on the web with the history and photos.

Maastricht is probably not the right city for sushi lovers. We only found take-out places and the one nice place we found was closed. So no sushi yesterday. But we found this wonderful restaurant called 'T KLÄÖSKE and we could have sat there all day but we had to go back home. (It's to the left on the last photo.)

The journey back wasn't all that great because I had missed the last train that goes straight to Brussels, which is a nice looking train. So I had to take this old and ugly train to Liège and wait there for a train to Brussels and wait again for a train to Antwerp. And when I finally arrived in Antwerp my bicycle had been stolen. I like to believe that my bicycle is protected by law of karma so whoever stole it may come to regret it!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

photo credit: Lisa Hjalt


  1. that bookshop looks amazing!
    lovely photoes- lovely time spent : )

  2. Wow, these pics are freaking gorgeous! I´m looking forward to the rest..! :-)

  3. The cobblestone streets look so picturesque and the first shot of the city is incredible! Lovely shots Lisa, it sounds like a wonderful day xx

  4. I think I'm in love with that bookshop, Lisa. I was expecting some beautiful photos from your trip. Sorry for your stolen bicycle. xo

  5. Looks so nice - and yes you must back to take some more photos - so we can see more ;o) I love to hear and see the nice places you visit ;o) And shame on that ugly person - that stole your bike - have a nice evening ;o)

  6. Hi!
    So good atmosphere in this pictures , oh.. I have to go to Maastricht:) Thanks so much for sharing :)

  7. Oh I feel the urge to travel again after seeing these! I think a return trip is definitely in order, I have to see more!

  8. I love so much that first picture! It is such a fairy tale! You are so lucky to have made this trip with your girl friends!
    I don't know why, but I just see the pictures, no text in your blog, maybe it is a temporary error!

  9. i m happy you had good time there but unhappy for the events when you got back.

  10. that´s not good! unhappy for it!!!

  11. Your photos are beautiful what a gorgeous town...and that bookstore looks fabulous!
    No fun about your bike... but I totally believe in karma.

  12. Oh Lisa that looks like such a lovely place to visit! Glad you had a wonderful time but sorry that the events took a turn for the worse. And you're right. Karma will come into play here.

    Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday :) xoxo

  13. So glad you gals had a nice time :)


  14. Lisa, that first photo is simply spectacular!! Bad news about the bike, I believe in Karma as well so what goes around, comes around. x

  15. Germany has gorgeous places to discover and seems that Maastricht is one of them!
    Ooh, a pity that the journey finished so bad...


  16. That first photo is so beautiful Lisa! And I love those Christmas decorations, that's how it's supposed to look at Christmas! How frustrating that your bike got stolen! Hope you have a fantastic weekend though to make up for it xx

  17. M'tricht is a beautiful city to visit. Your photo's are always very beautiful, and so sorry to read about your journey back home. You must be very tired when you got home.

    Have a good weekend!

  18. I think I have to go to M.!!!
    A beautiful little city!

    ♥ Frana


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