Wednesday, 30 November 2011

noël et neige

Look at me all fancy and French with that post title! wink Most of you probably know that Noël is the French word for Christmas; neige would be the French word for snow.

Earlier this year decorative letters seemed to be the hot item in the world of home decor. I'll not go so far as to call them tacky but – no offence to those of you who fell for them – I'd go insane having those on my shelf or mantelpiece or anywhere in my home for longer than a day. I don't know, I guess I'm not much of a the-latest-fad kind of girl when it comes to home decor. Usually, when the interior magazines try to tell me that I have to have something, be it letters or whatever, you'll see me running away very fast. However, I think I would be okay with something like Noël or neige in December because I would know that it was temporary; by January the letters would be in a box.

Now I think it's time for latte and biscotti. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

photo credit:
top right: Janis Nicolay for Country Living
bottom-left: Marie Claire idées
bottom-right: Marie Claire idées


  1. i agree with you.
    the only exception is writing on my kids drawings.
    we are making a wallpaper of those over our bed ; )

  2. "think out of the box" tihihihi
    but yes I agree.. I like french :)

  3. Hello Mrs Fancy (hehe) I love a bit of french vocabulary during the day.
    You're right though, by the time you read it in a magazine its taken 6 months to get to there so its already gone. But... I do have a couple of letters somewhere around here (and yes they were on the old mantle before renovation!)
    PS: I love that first image of the xmas wreath! I'm going to make one.

  4. I'm with you, Lisa. When they make so much fuss about something I tend to ignore it, that's my first instinct. From tomorrow on I'll be indulging a very Christmas-y look on my blog. The waiting is over. Have a beautiful day! xoxo

  5. I have to admit to liking the ‘letter trend’ – what can I say? I am a shameless sucker! And of course, I love the idea of having the word Noël displayed for Christmas. Is it just me or does anyone else have the Noël Christmas carol stuck in their heads now?

  6. I agree, letters like these would be nice for the holidays but not all the time. Pretty picks!

  7. I am so with you, Lisa. But something temporary and especially since it's in French would definitely work for me :) xoxo

  8. even though French was the first foreign language I studied in my early school days, I know little now, c'est dommage! I love your images, very beautiful and tomorrow with the 1st of December here, I can start thinking of Christmas...maybe I'll manage to change my blog, also, even though I'm not too good with the yet ;) About the letters, well, don't think is such a marvelous idea! Kisses;)

  9. Love the homespun wreath!! And the red lantern against the white snow is so pretty!

    Berry letters frozen in ice - what a clever idea!

  10. Preparations for Christmas is Joy!! These photos are filled with great ideas!

  11. The images are incredibly beautiful! I love the Noel displayed on the shelf. Time to decorate for me!

  12. I completely agree with the whole letters thing....and I also agree that it is do-able for the holidays...imagine nice NOEL letters above a cozy fireplace.

    p.s. coconut oil FINALLY came in the mail. You better believe I'll be making your biscotti to celebrate the end of the term next week (if I make it that far....ugh)

  13. Lovely pictures. I'm with you on the letters thing - it's not for me. But I like the Christmas ones and they definitely sound more romantic in French. x Sharon

  14. Its true! Everyone is gong mad for letters!

  15. I love this idea, especially hung above the doorway entrance. Such a lovely and elegancy way to decorate - thank you for the gorgeous inspiration! xx


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