Friday, 25 November 2011

oak floor heaven

The oak floor is not the only beautiful element in this home but I can't take my eyes of it. Mikel Irastorza is the designer behind all this and I like how he combines white and wood and manages to create that elegant and homey atmosphere. I love the harmony of the hallway, that gorgeous armchair and the Chinese stool and print. There is something so welcoming about this place.

This post is an opportunity to praise a fellow blogger. I found the photo in the middle on Chantal's beautiful blog Meta Musings. Chantal is a pro, she's an interior designer and her posts always leave me inspired. I highly recommend adding her to your daily blog routine.

It's Friday which in my home means home-made pizza for dinner and red wine. I still haven't decided about the turkey tomorrow. I'm wondering if my craving for turkey is in fact my craving for that side dish I've already mentioned, the one with the sweet potatoes and pecans, hmm.

Have a fabulous Friday!

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  1. enjoy your friday evening ( is very similar to mine- using your pizza recipe!)
    the 60s inspired decoration is cool...

    ps. i retweet things i like ; )

  2. Yes, I LOVE this place (saw it on Chantal's blog too)! I love all that Flexform furniture (...sigh!) It would totally suit my home too (sigh!).
    Enjoy the pizza and the wine and have a good weekend...

  3. Give me a gorgeous floor and white walls and I'll take it from there. It doesn't require much decoration to look elegant and beautiful. :) I do think your craving has a little to do with that side dish too, wink. Have a beautiful weekend, Lisa!
    PS: this weekend it's pizza in our home as well :)

  4. What beautiful spaces! And you're right, I think it starts with the floors.

  5. Gorgeous!! My oak floors look nothing like this. Add three kids and two large dogs - not so pretty anymore. ;)

  6. Not only the floors that are heavenly in this joint ;)

    And no, we will not dodge Bodil the storm. The weather had already been dreadful for slmost two days and she is expected to hit here sometime tonight or tomorrow with hurricane winds and rising sealevels. But people up here are used to a bit rough weather so I think it will be ok :)

    As long as Nessie does not blow away!

    Hugs and a happy weekend,

  7. Ok, that was barely readable, but you know me and my typos ;)

  8. So many interesting design items in this home! I've never actually had a proper Thanksgiving meal. I like turkey though :) All that talk of food made me very hungry.

    I've got a pie in the oven and grilling some asparagus. Can't wait to eat them now.

  9. Love everything in those pictures, the black lounge chairs...fabulous!!! the collection of pottery on the cabinet, lovely!

  10. The living room is fabulous, I would love to recline in those lounge chairs! I also love the bookcase acting as a bridge between the two parts of the home. You are right there is something very welcoming about the home. Enjoy your Friday evening, the homemade pizza and red wine sounds like the perfect plan to unwind xx

  11. I'm with Ada, give me white walls and a striking floor and I am one very happy lady. Love, love these images. x


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