Saturday, 5 November 2011

perfect day

Perfect Day is the name of Lou Reed's song which I've been humming in my head since last night when making pizza (you can listen below). The theme of last night was actually Leonard Cohen but hubby threw in a few other classics. The name of the song is fitting for this beautiful sunny day, which so far has been simply perfect. Not that I'm on a quest for perfection. I woke up early and felt the need to do a little experiment in the kitchen: chocolate cookies with pistachios and dried cranberries. The look on hubby's face when he took the first bite was priceless (he has a soft spot for pistachios). Looks like another recipe will soon be posted on kitchen & aroma. wink

I've got no plans today. I'm thinking about going with the flow and see where it leads me. All I know is that after I post this I'm off to the kitchen to make a bowl of green tea with lemongrass. I bought it in the health food store the other day and it's addictive. I can't say that I've been a green tea fan but it somehow grows on you; it's like you have to develop a taste for it. And it certainly doesn't hurt to drink it as it's very healthy.

Have a beautiful Saturday and thanks for all the wonderful comments this week!

photo credit:
left: via retlet
right: Sylvie Lancrenon
(with a little help from Pinterest)

 YouTube: Lou Reed / Perfect Day


  1. Sounds like a perfect day, indeed! I've been stuck at school for loooooong hours all of this week, and I can't tell you how nice it is now, sitting with a cup of tea, to catch up on your posts!

    I'll be making cookies today, too - although I'm trying my hand at pumpkin chocolate chip ones. Yours sound delicious...I'm going to have to check how much the post office charges for food deliveries from belgium ;)

    And as for green tea....I just can't stand that smell. But Hayk has been telling me how good it is, and now that I'm reading about it everywhere, I think I might just have to teach myself to acquire that taste.

    And then, since I'll be drinking healthy, I can gave a slice of pie to compensate ;)

    Happy weekend Lisa! (Oh, and I got your e-mail....writing back shortly...and p.s. you are awesome!)

  2. Have a wonderful weekend, darling! Can't wait to see the recipe. :)

  3. Definitely good for you the Green tea.. I wasn't a fan when I first heard of it but now drink it at least twice a day. (but did you know too much green tea will give up upset stomach... boohoo!)
    So we'll wait for the biscuit recipe too then?? waiting, waiting, waiting

  4. No plans for me either today. And it was so good! I've been experimenting in the kitchen too and I think I'll tell you all about it an email. Chocolate cookies? You're killing me, Lisa! ;)

  5. Sounds like the perfect day to me! As for the cookies, that is a great idea—I might have to try that out this week. We often have chocolate chip cookies, and this would be a nice change...

    And... green tea is unbelievable! I encourage everyone to drink as much as possible. Ever since I had Mono during college, (caused purely from overworking myself) I have been much more careful in considering my health. Over the years, I found that my immune system was really weakened from the Mono. However, with drinking green tea daily for the past two/three years—anywhere from five to eight cups each day—I have noticed a huge improvement in so many ways...

    Hope you have a lovely Sunday as well :)

    Thank you for your comments, Lisa, I feel like the two words do not begin to express how grateful I am.

    xx, Sarah

  6. No plans sound good to me! I´m cleaning the house today since our guests have left - and then I´m just gonna sit in the sofa, chrochet and watch TV for once. I almost never watch TV, but today is such a day when the TV will be just perfect. :-)

  7. my mom always tells me about this green tea and I never tried it so much. uhm...but I love the song, does it count? :P

  8. I hope you enjoyed your tea and your off time. I am about to start my weekend and i tell you, i could not be more excited to spend some time with a tea and do some reading and writing. And some photographing i think :-)

  9. Chocolate cookies with pistachios and dried cranberries???!!!! Ooohhh, my Goooood! I belive that your experiment went great!
    PS: Beautiful collage

  10. Oh Oh oh! The tea cup!!! Where can I find that? By the way, your weekend sounds really relaxing and fun for family time. I've been thinking about cooking lately. I should spend more time in the kitchen and try different type of foods =)