Saturday 19 November 2011

scandinavian crush

I have a big Scandinavian crush. I saw that house online last Monday and I've been thinking about it all week. It was simply love at first sight. Then I read the article (in Danish, see link below), which says the exact same story about the current owners. The house is located in Gentofte, which is a town north of Copenhagen. It was built in 1923 for the painter Ernst Zeuthen (1880-1938), and has of course been renovated. On the outside it is a blend of English cottage and Tuscan style.

I can't stand clutter, therefore I love clutter free houses like this one. I'm so picturing myself with a cup of hot chocolate close to that fireplace, or reading a book or browsing through magazines in this beautiful room to the right. Are you with me? 

Today we are thinking about attending a Danish Christmas Fair. The Danish Church in Brussels organizes it but the fair itself is held at the Scandinavian School of Brussels, in Waterloo. I think it could be really fun to go and breathe in some Danish Christmas spirit and culture. We might even bump into some Icelanders there.

What are you guys up to on this Saturday?

photo credit: Mikkel Adsbøl for


  1. Indeed, an attractive abode!! I love the exterior as well..
    Enjoy your weekend Lisa! xoxo

  2. Wow. Just wow.
    I LOVE how they didnt paint the woodwork and the floors white but it is still very light. Amazing.

    Hugs and a happy Saturday :)

  3. Þórunn Elísabet19 November 2011 at 12:57

    Ég var að uppgötva bloggið þitt og ég er ekki búin að geta slitið mér frá því! Það er alveg æðislegt og ég get ekki beðið eftir að fylgjast með því í framtíðinni :)

  4. i also love the bathroom, with so much light :)

  5. Perfect, those scandinavians knows how to decorate a house. A danish christmas fair sounds nice, enjoy it!


  6. I'm with you, Lisa. That English cottage-Tuscan style exterior was all it took for me to love this house. Hope you're having a beautiful weekend! xo

  7. Oh my, how nice of you to feature my new house. I had a wonderful candle-lit bath in that bathroom last night and this morning we ate our breakfast at that gorgeous wooden table ;) *sigh* back to I am doing homework, homework, homework and then in the evening the fiancee and I are going to do some shopping (I need a dress for Thanksgiving) and a dinner out (yay I don't have to cook!)

    Enjoy the Christmas fair!

  8. wow. I love clutter free houses too, I just can't get one. Clutter follows me.

  9. OH... lovely! That lawn out the back is perfect for rolling down! Love that wallpaper and wide limed floorboards. Love a clutter-free home -
    Hope you had fun at the Christmas fair.
    Today we are celebrating my mums birthday! cake...yum.

  10. I'm definitely with you! This place is gorgeous... I enjoy the mixture of the styles for the exterior—it feels cozy, yet elegant. The inside is definitely more white than I can handle personally, but so beautifully done and I really appreciate the calm feel throughout, the colors and fun details. SO many surprises in this house...

    Your weekend sounds like fun to me! I helped a friend today and worked in her boutique—always a pleasure :)

    Enjoy the remainder of the weekend...


  11. @Þórunn Elísabet: velkomin í hópinn og takk fyrir hrósið. Ef þú ert á Facebook þá geturðu líkað við síðuna þar til þess að fá uppfærslur ;-)

  12. Adore that blossom wallpaper..just beautiful.

    Looks like you all had a fab time at the christmas fair. Enjoy your week. x


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