Tuesday, 29 November 2011

send your pet to paris

This one is for all you pet owners and lovers out there. Currently I don't have a pet but one day I'm getting a dachshund (yes I am!) and then I'm contacting artist Carol Gillot of Paris Breakfast to get one of her beautiful 'Pet Portraits in Paris' watercolour paintings. All you have to do is send her a photo of your pet and she does the rest. I fell in love with her artwork instantly.

I think I would ask her for a painting of my future dachshund in front of 31 Rue Cambon. Yes, that would be the location of Chanel. And I think I would ask for Ladurée too and the Eiffel Tower and and and... How on earth does one decide? Got any favourite Paris location for that kind of painting?
Now I need a latte before I start reading your inspiring blogs. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

PS. Thank you for your kind comments yesterday. I'm keeping my daughter home one more day but she's feeling better. The pancakes and hot chocolate did wonders.

photo credit:
Carol Gillot of Paris Breakfast
published with her written permission


  1. That's a wonderful idea! Oscar would look so very beautiful... I guess, I'll have to pick some sort of food-related shop for him because this is what he loves the most (well, after his love for me and Mr)
    You know, funny thing is that I didn't actually think of the cigarette this time! I usually try to remove them or pick a picture without any (don't like a sight of them....), so this is something for me to do tonight. :) Erase, erase, erase! :D

    Have a great day, Lisa!

    P.S. I just got a recipe book, which I think you will totally love. It's full of beautiful gorgeous desserts made without flour or sugar! Instead she uses ground almonds, agave syrup and a few other good ingredients. It's called The Gluten-free almond flour cookbook by Elana Amsterdam. Got it from amazon, as always. x

  2. I adore these portraits.
    And the story behind them is so sweet.
    Must tell my friends to bring their pets to the city when travelling from America;-)

  3. what a great idea.
    although it does make me think of all that doggie-doo we had to navigate in paris. argh, it's all over france really.

    still, if i had one of these it would have been my departed little jack russell, in montmarte.

  4. Oh i love this - i am definitely going to get one of le Frank - thanks so much for the link xxx


  5. I don't have any pets but if I did, I would love a little portrait of them in front of the Sacre Coeur. Cute and cultured! :)

  6. @Fashion, Art and other fancies: the artist just needs a photo of the pet, no need to send the pet to Paris ;-)
    But that would be cool, wouldn't it? ;-)

  7. Happy to come give you a little hello .. I hope your daughter gets better ... nothing beats a day at home with mom .. it cures everything!

  8. Love these Lisa - I don't have a pet either - but I would adore one of these awesome paintings.
    Hope your day is bright and your daughter better :)

  9. These are so beautiful. What a lovely idea! I would definitely consider it if I had a dog. :)
    PS: pancakes and hot chocolate always do wonders. :)

  10. I have two cats and I am so happy that you share this with us!!! I am looking for an appropriate photo of both and my favorite place in Paris is Le Pont Alexandre III just where you can see La Tour Eiffel! Meow, les aristochats :)

    Pancakes all the way and all the time!!!!!!!!Just spoil your daughter like this and I am sure she'll feel much much better. :*

  11. hey, Lisa, we just have to send her an e-mail? could you give me more details, please?

  12. thank you, I already sent the email to Carol!:*

  13. Oh Lisa I'm so sorry that your little girl is sick today,hope she can recover soon!...any way, who would want to recover soon with so much TLC and sweet pancakes in bed? hahaha
    this post is soooooo divine too!

  14. Haven't a dog either, but this is truly lovely and creative.
    Btw, hopefully your daughter get well soon!!

  15. Oh I love this idea; I have a gorgeous dog would love to do this for him! I highly recommend getting a pup - its one of the best decisions I have ever made and always brightens my day. Glad to hear your daughter is feeling better xx

  16. How cute are these? No pooch here but one day soon we will (cos little mister loves doggies)...and of course my pooch will be sooo sophisticated as to be beautifully positioned in front of Dior and the Eiffel tower; bien sur!
    I'm off to make pancakes now cos I have a not so good little one this morning.. you've inspired me !!

  17. Oh Lisa these are just too precious for words! I love them! Now I need a dog as well so I can have one made :) xoxo

  18. ooh when are you getting a daschund? these are lovely. i want someone to take me to paris :)

  19. Oh! SO CUTE!
    Glad to hear your daughter is getting better!

  20. Now THIS is what I would LOVE to have with my Ollie on it, fabulous!!!


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