Sunday, 6 November 2011


I wasn't going to blog today but I have a question for you. By the way, this photo has nothing to do with traditions; I simply like it. My chaise lounge has a more modern look and I find it wonderful to relax on it with a good book, with a cup of coffee or tea next to me. That's sort of what's going on; I'm enjoying a very leisurely Sunday morning.

However – and that brings me to traditions – I did wake up early this morning and I boiled rice in milk with vanilla pod to make a dessert called risalamande, which is a traditional Danish rice and almond pudding. The home still smells of vanilla all the way from Kenya. The husband of a friend of mine bought vanilla pods in Kenya earlier this year and they sent me a full bag. I'm now cooling the rice before I add almonds and whipped cream, and later today I'll serve the pudding with cherry sauce. It feels like Christmas already!

I grew up in Iceland with some Danish traditions as I've Danish ancestors, and risalamande at Christmas is one of them. Well, there are many Danish traditions in Iceland as the country was once under Danish rule. I had never made it myself until we moved abroad. At Christmas 2009 we were living in Copenhagen and were invited to dinner at my aunt (the awesome one who sent me all the magazines) and her Danish husband's home. They served risalamande for dessert and I got their recipe. I have already posted it on my Icelandic food blog but I need a photo to go with it so that's why I'm making it today. Then I began wondering if this was something I should put on the English food blog as well and I decided to get your opinion on that. I hadn't really planned on posting it there but maybe a traditional Danish dessert is something people are interested in trying. What say you?

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. Tina, you're Danish, so you're supposed to say that, hahaha

  2. You lived in Copenhagen, how nice!
    I hope I can travel to Denmark someday!

    HAve a wonderful sunday,

  3. Oh my it sounds delicious! I'd be very eager to try this recipe out. We also have a similar one in Greece, with rice boiling in milk flavored with vanilla but we use cinnamon on top. Perfect for those chilly days and lazy Sundays.. *sigh* too bad I have to work this one..

  4. I say yes, go ahead and put it on the English food blog; we have in Romania a dessert that involves rice and milk and then my grandma would add some cherry jam.

    have a lovely sunday yourself as well, pretty lady :)

  5. Lisa, I am loving that chaise. Oh, how happy I could be there today if I could just plop my butt in that chaise w/ a good book!! xo

  6. Oh, PLEASE!!!! Post it on your English blog. Your description here sounds so yummy, and the photo on your other blog looks amazing. But I have no idea what the recipe says! lol I would love to make it. :)

  7. Yes please! I would love to make it!

  8. Oh Yes, absolutely you must blog it - share, share! My mother still makes a 'rizogalo' (which is greek) and I always end up smothering mine with more cinnamon cos it's never enough for me! I love to try different cultural dishes when I can! Yummmmmmmmmm!

  9. blog away!!! I'd love to try this one day!!

  10. Hi Lisa, Oh, yes, do share the recipe. Sounds wonderful! Vanilla pods from Kenya must smell exotic and rich.

    May I say I love that photo of the chaise? Just what I'm looking for for our bedroom. )

    – g

    p. s. my husband is in Antwerp for a few weeks. One of these trips I'll join him, but maybe not in winter???

  11. Hi there! I don't have an answer for you but I do love that photo and I do love your blog and the way your write so I will be back!

  12. oh by all means, post it! vanilla from kenya? whipped cream and cherry sauce! i wish we had that as a christmas tradition here.

    can i tell you i am oddly excited for the holidays this year, and i think it has to do with having a little one around.

    also, someday i think i will meet you in person! though probably not any time soon.

  13. Mmmmm... yes please! I grew up with the smell of rice pudding cooking on a Sunday afternoon so I am always keen to try different variations of it!

  14. i`d say you do that! cooking is a wonderful way of learning other countries. i find joy in trying new recipes from all over the world. sometimes taste can bring people closer...

    risalamande sounds so italian by the way !?!?!

  15. I love that chaise! I could definitely do the same! Read, drink coffee or tea. Perfect for sunday too. Rice pudding sounds so delicious! Please share your recipes =)


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