Friday, 4 November 2011


This would be Iceland, my home country, and that last photo is taken on the Pond (Tjörnin) in Reykjavik city centre. These photographs are among many that rotate on the website of Truenorth, an Icelandic film production company. I'm posting them because I think they are awesome and I like the humour. Maybe I'm a bit biased because my best friend is married to one of the producers, but I'm pretty sure guys like Steven Spielberg and Harvey Weinstein, or any other Hollywood moguls, are not following my blog, so I guess biased doesn't apply here. But if – I said if – you are thinking about making a film I'd definitely recommend contacting them because Iceland is a cool location. Truenorth has produced films like Stardust and Clint Eastwood's Flags of Our Fathers. Before Truenorth was founded they produced Die Another Day, Tomb Raider and Batman Begins. Not a bad list!

I'm sitting here with my latte and enjoying home-made biscotti with almonds and dried cranberries. To say that I'm in a state of bliss is an understatement. I'm definitely baking these again. Today it's Friday which means home-made pizza for dinner and red wine; hubby playing music while I'm making pizza.

What are your plans today?

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  1. I like thoso photos...
    Pizza with green olives tonight! I love olives! no, really, I LOVE green olives, seriously!
    Have a good one :)

  2. great photos. and there is nothing wrong with a bit of bias at times :) it's your home you are taling about! I'd love to go to Iceland one day. it's pretty high up on my list!

  3. Hey Lisa!! I'm finally back to blogging! And what a nice way to start by seeing these beautiful photos of Iceland! Iceland looks amazing! Thanks for sharing these.

    p.s. what instrument does your husband play?


  4. Love these and love the humour too. Have a beautiful evening, Lisa! Enjoy the pizza, red wine and music. I've just had pancakes with home-made sour cherries jam. Yummy! :)

  5. PS: in fact crêpes, we don't like pancakes. ;)

  6. ...and i that thought this sense of humor is only yours ; )
    amazing ads. amazing country. proud people.
    one day i `ll travel there ( dressed very warm indeed) i might not make a film but i will deffinitely chill (out)...
    thats my plans ; )

  7. Sounds like a perfect evening at home!! xo

  8. Cool pictures (get it?,,, cool!)
    We spent some time visiting a friend and her family with lots of food laid out on the table...macaroons, crepes, cakes, wine ... does that constitute a dinner??? hmmmm

  9. These are great ads, I love the last one! Sounds like your having a wonderful time and the perfect Friday night in! Enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend xo

  10. I was looking at photos of Iceland last night (it started with reading about Vikings, turned into looking up the Icelandic landscape). So VERY beautiful!!! I think being bias is allowed.

  11. Haha, I like Helen's comment—yes, indeed, very "cool" :)

    I like your weekly tradition, Lisa. It would be fun to experiment with many, many different types of pizza... we have a tradition of sushi every Friday at our favorite place. These are the types of traditions that will remain forever a part of our memories...

    xx, Sarah

  12. I love the small simple moments of instant happiness and the way you describe them.

    The images and humour of Truenorth are worthy, did not know all this about them.

  13. Hi lisa. thank yu for your lovely comment about the giveaway on my blog.
    This ad is fantastic. i love funny and creative advertising. And, of course, Iceland, must be a stunning country. I have never been but I am sure that I would be absolutely impressed. Have a nice Monday!


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