Friday, 2 December 2011

christmas beauty blues

I cannot believe it's Friday; where did the week go? I guess I've been too occupied with thinking about how I want our home to look at Christmas. I've got so many ideas but I have to narrow them down, as I want it to be tasteful. And there are some things I cannot do. For example, we don't have a staircase, but if we had I'd like to decorate it with white, silver and Tiffany blue baubles as seen in the top photo. I love the crisp look; these bright colours are so beautiful together.

We have a double pendant lamp above the dining table so I was wondering if I should go bold and hang baubles in different colours and sizes on the rod between the lamps, maybe gold, white and turquoise, if I find the right baubles. Last year I kept it minimal and had only three small ornaments hanging there. As I don't want the table itself cluttered with ornaments – only cluttered with food! – this could be the perfect solution.

Are you were I am or not really thinking about decorations at all?

Have a fabulous Friday!

photo credit:
top: Virginia Macdonald | stylist Erin McLaughlin
for Style at Home
bottom: Livingetc

YouTube: Nat King Cole ft Natalie Cole / The Christmas Song


  1. I´m definately thinking about it and have started with small decorations here and there. What I look forward to most is the tree; that sets the mood so great! :-)

  2. the blue against the white is erally lovely. very nordic.

    nah, we don't decoarte. xmas is very lowkey over here.
    i'm thinking of books to read and buy. :)

  3. yes! i love it! my mom always had blue christmas balls for the christmas tree (a fake one in silver colour ; P)
    i had to decorate my house today since my three year old insisted...
    not very happy with all this red around me to be honest...
    she loves it though so i should be happy with that ; )

  4. I really like the idea with the staircase here! I think I'll use it in our home, with whites and reds to match the rest. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful day!

  5. I love this color combination. I always gravitate toward rich shades of purple, pink and orange for Christmas for some reason. Happy decorating!

  6. Actually I've been toying with the idea of using Tiffany blue, but I've decorated mainly with white and silver and pops of red here and there. Are you going to enchant us with a Christmas song every day until Christmas? I hope so, because I'm loving the idea. :) Have a wonderful weekend, Lisa! xoxo

  7. Oh I just love the idea of hanging the baubles above the table like that. I'm going to have to figure out a way to accomplish this... :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, Lisa! xoxo

  8. Really beautiful and original color, Lisa. Every year I like to choose a different color for Christmas and always I try to mix it with gold.
    Have a fabulous Friday-pizza-dinner!

  9. I love this images you are posting, and they are helpful to me. I have no inspiration at all for this Christmas, I think I won't even put up a tree...

  10. I started playing with the decorations yesterday, still undecided on a theme but I will blog the final pictures, I hope!
    I have the fireplace mantels which are so much fun to decorate:)
    Have a happy weekend Lisa!
    Wendy x

  11. Absolutely I'm with you; thinking about decorations. Each year I buy a few new nice baubles - better ones that I can keep. I try to keep to a similar colour scheme so I can bring out the special baubles from previous years and if they don't match then they probably come out next year. But that way I always have beautiful baubles that I treasure. Last year's offering was based on silver, light blue and lilac - this year I'm thinking silver, white and ??? still thinking! Go for the baubles above the table en masse!

  12. Love the blue colors ;o) and I'm also in the considering phase - didn't have time to decorate the house yet - we are so busy if not with the shop then with visiting friends and so on ....... Why is december always so booked ;o)
    I hope to decorate sunday evening ;o)
    Have a nice weekend Lisa ;o))

  13. I like it! Very chic and fresh :)


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