Friday, 16 December 2011

cosy & warm homes

I haven't abandoned the Christmassy posts with the Christmas songs; I simply don't want to overdo them, as there are followers out there who aren't quite feeling the holiday spirit ... yet. Here is hoping!

These days I'm in the mood for cosy, comfortable and homey interiors. I think it's the fact that I'm still, yes still, fighting a cold and I find it best to spend as much time as I can on my chaise lounge under a blanket, with candlelights in sight. I was coughing like an idiot earlier this morning so hubby ordered me to pour Cointreau in a glass (the only strong liquor in the casa). It seems to be working. Maybe I should become a more active drinker!

These images are from various homes, except the last four, the smaller ones, which were taken in designer Billy Reid's decorated home in Alabama. I love the piece of furniture – the desk – in the photo to the right. The simple decoration on the desk is so beautiful and the entire space is very inviting. In Reid's home I'm fascinated with the 19th-century English sideboard that holds their antique plates collection. And that photo with the mixed plates makes me swoon. I know; I'm a sucker for pretty table settings.

Have a healthy and fabulous Friday!

photo credit:
2: Mikkel Vang for House Beautiful
3: Simon Upton for House Beautiful
4-7: Justin Bernhaut for Country Living


  1. Nice post Lisa. Although not Christmasy it still has the ambience and warmth of the season so it's equally eye soothing and lustful!
    Sorry to hear that you are still feeling a bit sick.. We use an alcohol remedy for cough and sore throat here in Crete as well. We mix together some raki (it's a strong alcoholic drink made from grapes- like grappa if you have heard) with honey, bring it to a boil and drink it while it is hot. It does miracles!

  2. Eleni, I'm moving to Crete today ... please have that drink ready when I arrive ;-)

  3. What beautiful spaces! I'm craving cozy, comfortable rooms right now too. I hope you feel better soon and have a lovely weekend!

  4. I'm a total sucker for pretty table settings too. Probably cause they don't occur in my home lol. I like your hubby's cough prescription :) Take care of that cough and have a nice weekend!

  5. My oh my, I feel like spending the entire weekend indoors, baking, reading and smelling the pine tree. BUT I still don't have a Christmas tree, so tomorrow that's what I'll be doing. Going to every market in town to find my perfect tree. The first and last images are my favourites, but they are all lovely. I hope you're feeling better already. Have a wonderful weekend, Lisa! xo
    PS: Ross with his laminated list, that's so funny. He had put so much thought into that list, ha ha.

  6. Love everything cozy, hope you feel better soon.
    Stay warm.
    Happy weekend.

  7. Lovely warm and inviting interiors...feel better soon!

  8. Those vintage plates are gorgeous. Love the mismatch...
    My dad has that homemade remedy same as Eleni's...its good for the soul!
    There's nothing worse than feeling sick just before Christmas..hope you get better (its easy to say, but you need to rest and lie down)...

  9. I love gorgeous table settings too, my table is usually fairly simple but I like finding inspiration photos like yours and seeing pairings of colours or decor I never would have thought up myself!

  10. Beautiful cosy images.
    A drink of whisky or brandy mixed with lemon and honey and hot water is lovely and soothing.
    Get well soon!
    Wendy x

  11. Lol! I just had to laugh at your 'coughing like an idiot' comment! I'm glad I stopped by because I have been getting lost in these beautiful interiors! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and that you are on the mend!

  12. This home in Alabama is so cosy. We are preparing for Christmas and tryinn our homes are getting warmer. This is a great inspiration.

    Take care with drinks this holidays, girl. ;-)
    Happy monday!!

  13. Thanks for not Christmas post) I'm tired of these preparations, and looked these magnificent interiors, I rested mind and body) Get well and Merry Christmas


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