Saturday, 3 December 2011

dining well

This look could work at Christmas or on any other special occasion. I love the prettiness of it, so festive and beautiful. Let's be realistic here, at least those of us who have children, this is something that works for a few seconds, before the dining begins! But those few seconds are worth it. For me, it's all about the right table setting. Those of us fortunate enough during the holidays to actually being able to put good food on our table shouldn't take that for granted. We should honour that with a pretty table. At least I think so.

Have you seen the film The Blind Side, the one that got Sandra Bullock an Oscar? Want to know what was my favourite scene? It was the moment at Thanksgiving when the Tuohy family was enjoying the turkey meal lying on the sofa watching a game on TV (how horrible; it broke my heart!). Suddenly Leigh Anne [Bullock] notices that Michael Oher [Quinton Aaron] is missing and then she sees him eating in the dining room by himself. She turns off the TV, well two TVs, and moves everyone and the food into the dining room. I loved that scene and you can watch it here.

I'm off to the city centre, hoping to find the things I need for our table this year. Hubby has promised to behave well and follow me into any shop I like and to allow me to browse as much as I want. I already have some ideas on paper and hopefully I find what I need.

Have a beautiful Saturday!

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  1. *deep sigh*
    this is just pretty as can be :)

    after a buzy week with two (!) new jobs I can finally sit back and relax and catch up on some blogreading. about time!

    hugs and a happy weekend to you :)

  2. i believe that is important to eat at the table with your family. everyday as on holidays. the table should be looking neat an taken some care for, for us lucky enough to have food on it - as you so rightly put it. it can be much simpler than the one at your picture and still very beautiful ... either way for us with kids it doesn`t last long indeed ; )

    Hope you find what you wish : )

  3. i agree. this table works for different occasions. Are really beautiful. Have a happy shopping and hope you find the i
    spiration for your home. This pic is a great step ;-)

  4. Ohh, now this is something - I love this colour scheme and the brocadey/damask tablecloth - beautiful. Do what I do - take lots and lots of photos before sitting down and then let the kids make a mess! But that's reality isn't it - letting the kids be themselves. Oh and yep, everyone on the table at the same time!
    Hope you got some good shopping done !

  5. Ohh I love the colors ;o) Hope Hubby behaved and you got everything for a nice christmas table ;o)
    Nice sunday to you ...

  6. That table is so pretty. I loved that movie. Sandra Bullock was amazing in it. xo

  7. I haven't seen the movie, but I know what you mean. It's awful to think that there are so many families that have lost the tradition of setting the table and enjoying the meal together properly. In my opinion this is an important moment of every single day. This is such a lovely table setting. Hope you enjoyed your weekend, Lisa! xo

  8. Oh, Lisa, this is my favorite color for everything, my tree will be purple, my bathroom is this purple and if the table is purple, too, I think somebody will go insane! :)))And I know what you mean about the table! I am looking for a dining table right this time of the year because now our living is quite big and we can have a proper dinner table for Christimas!


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