Tuesday, 6 December 2011

evening post

It seldom happens that I blog in the evening but I had a busy day and simply wanted to say hi to you guys and leave you with a nice photo before going early to bed. We woke up earlier than usual so the children could open the presents from Sinterklaas, the Belgian Santa Claus. They had plenty of time to play with their new toys and we enjoyed a festive breakfast together before they went to school. It was a lovely morning but now I'm tired and unfortunately dealing with a cold, which I'm in no mood for in December.

Are you guys done with your Christmas shopping? We almost finished today and the rest is decided so we just have to pick those things up. I'm hoping to have everything wrapped by the weekend.

Well, I'm off to bed, I need to read at least one chapter in Dickens's Bleak House before I fall asleep – probably with the book on my face. I hope you all had a wonderful day! 

photo credit:
styling Lindsay Mens
Stacey Brandford for Canadian House & Home


  1. Is that a tradition; that they open gifts now? Tell me, I find different customs so interesting! :-)

  2. Lovely pic...a subtle romantic christmas style...The european custom St Nicholas visiting yesterday must tie into the fact that yesterday it was the name day for Nicholas in Greek tradition (coming from St Nicholas I presume!). I love how these customs and traditions all meld eventually down the line. I think I'll start that tradition next year of putting yr boots out...love it.
    Have a good day, Helen:)
    PS: now I have a cold, havn't finished xmas shopping, still need to decorate....arghhh!

  3. Hope you feel better soon!
    We do not exchange gifts until Christmas day so plenty of time yet to shop and pack:)
    Wendy x

  4. I think I need a twig candle holder in my life!

    I've almost finished Christmas shopping, too. Just some online orders left to place and all the wrapping, of course!!

    Feel better soon! (I'm making chicken soup for dinner..I'll save you a bowl)

  5. I'm with Tinajo, is this a great tradition I did not know about? Fascinating!

    Oh Lisa... you are so ahead of me—I've only purchased about 3 or 4 gifts for far, but hope to purchase some more tomorrow evening!

    Hope you are having a very nice week so far... rest as much as possible :)


  6. That sounds like such a wonderful morning, Lisa. Children opening up their gifts and the entire family enjoying a delicious breakfast. I think it's lovely that you adopted this tradition, I am sure you will hold on to it. You take care with that cold, now that you've almost finished your Christmas shopping, you have to fully enjoy these days. I love that styling with books. :)

  7. That photo is so cute! Hope you feel better... head colds are terrible. Lots of tea and chicken soup!! xo

  8. I keep meaning to read Bleak House - is it good?! Hope you are well! Thank you for your lovely comment on Lana's blog!

  9. I have a similar "composition" in my living room, only I use a lamp, not a candle holder. :)


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