Monday, 5 December 2011

fashion magazine talk

When shopping last Saturday we of course took our time in the magazine shop. I had seen these photos of model Karlie Kloss online but when I viewed the December issue of Vogue Germany I liked them even better; the colours and flowers fascinated me. So did the cute dog. (I guess more people are talking about her nude photo shoot for Italian Vogue.) In the shop I was looking for the new December issue of Vogue Paris because I wanted to view the David Bowie-like cover of Kate Moss, which I find so cool. Have you seen it?

I don't know about you, but these days I find that good editorials are hard to come by. I actually find it amazing how it's possible to turn beautiful clothing and makeup into something utterly dull, boring and uninspiring. Sometimes it feels like I'm looking at the same dress again and again. I say this with the deepest respect for designer Stella McCartney, but if I see one more editorial with one of her black polka-dot sheer knit dresses I'll start pulling out my hair!

To continue with this subject, can someone please tell me why the December issue of Marie Claire UK has the exact same Sarah Jessica Parker cover photo as the US September issue?!! I really want to know. I even read somewhere that the same photo was used for the Australian December issue as well. What kind of weird marketing tactic is that?

Okay, I'll stop talking about magazines.

Our home is already looking very Christmassy because yesterday the children decorated our tree. Some may find it a bit too early but tomorrow the Belgian Santa Claus will leave presents for them by the fireplace and we wanted the tree decorated before his arrival.

I'm off with hubby to do some Christmas shopping. I'll be reading your blogs when we come back home. Have a wonderful day!

photo credit:
Alexi Lubomirski for Vogue Germany

PS. Remember when I told you about the delicious biscotti with the dried cranberries? I'm happy to let you know that CafeSigrun has posted the recipe on her website. I borrowed the photo from her.


  1. Before I read your post, I was looking at the images and a little confused. I recognised the eyes but couldn't figure out who it was. Karlie looks so different! Gorgeous, of course, but different. I particularly like the first image.

    I positively hate when magazines do that. I'm surprised at Marie Claire UK though (I don't read this mag) as it is usually countries with a smaller budget who 'borrow' images. Also, they usually take a pic from the editorial, not the exact same cover. Boo!

    Christmas with children is amazing. You're so lucky. I look forward to that one day.

  2. These images are stunning! I'm such a magazine junkie so I definitely appreciate when a publication does something fresh or bold.

  3. Karlie looks beautiful and that second image is stunning! I hate it when magazines get stuck on a certain dress or collection. It happened last year with the Balmain dresses on every fashion magazine cover in the world, from UK to Romania. And yes, this year they're doing it again with the Stella McCartney dress. And the 'borrowing' cover is another annoying thing. I mean I can understand why Elle Romania does it (smaller budgets as Milla said), but to think that US and British magazines do it too, that I can not understand. Hope you have a great time Christmas shopping, Lisa! xoxo

  4. Do you mean that black polka dots that ana della russo wore it and after that Jane Fonda and other thousands of actresses and models? Yeeee, I know what you mean!I love the colors of that first picture in the editorial! Last year, we decorated our tree before Santa Claus :) and we have no children :P Enjoy the evening and the presents, Lisa! :*

  5. I just have to laugh because I could talk about magazines all day long! And poor J couldn't care less about them but has to hear me go on for hours on end.

    And I really don't like when magazines share covers. I mean British magazines should have the budget to cover their own shoot for a unique cover, right?

    Oh and loving this editorial of Karlie. The colors are to die for! And what do you think about the whole Italian Vogue controversy?

  6. I always buy the french versions of Marie Claire, and I've noticed several times now that they've duplicated a U.S. cover (and consequently, the content) from a previous month's issue. I think it's just a way for them to recycle content without having to make new content for each region's issue. I don't like it either!!

    I love that third shot, it has such a rich feeling.

    I can't wait to be done with school this week so I can spread the holiday cheer through our apartment, too...starting with a christmas tree friday...which Hayk is not looking forward to carrying three flights of stairs...I'll remind him of your husband ;)

  7. I totally agree with you about editorials and this is one of the reasons why I like the oldies so much. These days I often feel that every other editorial is either too bland or a remake of something from the past (and I'm not even an expert in fashion editorials, I only saw a few dozens of the old ones!)
    Personally, I also feel uncomfortable about the amount of retouching in some magazines, particularly, Vogue US, they just love love love to have everything airbrushed so hard that models stop looking like humans... Oh, I can carry on and on and on... :)

    This story is gorgeous and I haven't seen it before. Not only I adore the colours, but that dog is just a stunner. It's always been one of my favourite breeds.

    Hope you had a good day, darling!

  8. Ah looks like you've hit a subject we're all passionate about! I totally agree with you though and many of the comments above, don't want to be a bore and repeat the same thing though!

    Hope you share some photos of you Christmas tree!xx

  9. Love that first pic - gorgeous colours & textures and the faded edges.
    I hear ya, that dotty dress is all over the place- don't they realise that its over exposed now! Hope you had agreat day shopping!
    ps:mmmm biscotti!

  10. Beautiful editorial; the colours are so rich and sultry. Oh and the dog is adorable!

    I agree with the comments above about re-using covers and editorials, but I wonder if we are noticing it happening more now because of the digital age and sharing of content is becoming more prevalent? On the flip side, having worked in media for many years, I know the budgets for mags keep getting reduced as the circulation numbers are declining & the advertiser dollars can't support the big budgets of the 90's and early 00's anymore. I know that in Australia, international covershots are often re-used - I think that half the time they do it because they think people won't notice, but that is just not the case anymore! xx

  11. fierce hairstyle! that dog is so elegant, love it!


  12. Here the magazines are very expensive, so I'll wait to go to Spain, in the next days, for getting somes. Beautiful photos, Lisa.

    Hope your kids are enjoying the presents from Nikolaus. :-)

  13. Totally agree with you about rubbish editorials of late. I actually stopped buying glossies because I got fed up with the lack of content! I think that magazines have definitely become one step behind blogs. Until I find something refreshing and worth the money, I'll stick to getting my fashion/beauty fix online!

  14. I'm so glad that you mentioned this Lisa, because I thought I was the only one becoming less and less inspired by editorials. I used to share so many, and now, not so much... I hope to see much more inspiration in the new year, though!

    (and this post is beautiful) Not all editorial content is dull, but like you said, not as it was...


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