Friday, 23 December 2011

large christmas card

I was looking at my calendar and thinking, and kind of hoping too, that it was wrong. Christmas Eve tomorrow? Can it be? I was feeling so out of touch with everything so my sore throat and I decided to go grocery shopping with hubby. As we were picking the turkey for Christmas Day, the sweet potatoes, pecans, and everything that goes with it, I think I connected with my Christmas spirit again. Just the idea of knowing that ahead are days of delicious and mouth-watering food lifted my spirits.

Speaking of food. Christel at Captivated by Image (currently on a blog break but will soon be rejoining blogosphere) got my address to send me a Christmas card. When the card arrived in a big box I thought to myself that either Christel had taken her card writing to a much larger level or that she was surprising me with something. I found a copy of the Dutch foodies magazine in the box and I'm drooling over its pages. I only wish I could understand more but I have three young translators so I'm good. Thank you so much Christel, how well you know me!

I hope you're enjoying a wonderful last day before Christmas!

photo credit: Lisa Hjalt


  1. How sweet of Christel! Hope you're feeling all better by now, Lisa. And I hope you and your family have the most wonderful Christmas filled with lots of love and joy! xoxo

  2. How nice of Christel! And how lovely the magazine is wrapped! :) I wish you a wonderful Christmas, Lisa! May it be filled with happiness, joy and unforgettable moments with your family! xo

  3. Your sore throat needs to go away, asap!!! Your Christmas dinner sounds divine....we'll be heading to my parent's tomorrow where Hayk's family will join us. I'm excited but also a bit under the weather....and this week leading up to the holiday has been cray cray!

    Stay warm and get better, Lisa!!!!

  4. Glad to hear you found your Christmas spirit... nothing like receiving a fabulously tantalizing foodie magazine! I always buy a handful of food magazines for christmas to get recipes and then never get the change to read them! hahah oh well, they're nice to look at later in January too.
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family Lisa...

  5. How sweet! Christel is so thoughtful! Wish you lots of love, joy and happiness! =)


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