Wednesday, 7 December 2011

lovely pieces

I found this photo some time ago on Eleni's blog, My Paradissi. I love the styling by Hans Blomquist; the furniture is so my taste. I like stripes but I would probably choose another rug. Well, let's say I'd use this one during spring/summer and choose a different one for autumn/winter.

Right now I'm turning off my computer, as I'm about to tackle 1000 lovely pieces of cute houses and houseboats in Amsterdam. Hubby brought home a few boxes of jigsaws and everyone is now busy on the living room floor fitting their pieces together. The silence is unbelievable.

I hope you're enjoying a wonderful Wednesday!

photo credit:
Hans Blomquist


  1. i like yours nad Eleni`s blog! i am glad you found each other...
    silence is good : )

  2. I want to play too! Lisa, you're so inspiring, I love your family games. Jigsaws and scrabble, I'll save a day on my Christmas vacation for these. Thank you for reminding me of how much I enjoy these. xoxo

  3. The rug does make me feel a bit dizzy no matter how much I adore the stripes. :) But I adore the lightness of this room, real plants and cosy sofa. Beautiful room.

    P.S. I don't really have loads of mags at home any more. I used to a few years ago, but they had to go... :( I just collect everything I like, either as a cut out or scan. :)


  4. You always find the most beautiful rooms always full of light - oh yes, I could curl up with a book on one of those sofas.

  5. I just stumbled across your blog, and happy I did. I adore it in all its simplistic beauty.
    This room is gorgeous, personally I would have a deep red rug~!

  6. I can definitely picture your in this room. I'd personally paint the walls a light mauve/gray hue...and leave the rest! I know why my parents always bought us puzzles when we were little....

  7. It's such a beautiful space. So clean and light. And it's so you :)

    Enjoy the puzzle, sweetie! xoxo

  8. I’ve got to agree with the other comments, this room is so you! Fresh, bright and airy! Enjoy the puzzles!

  9. lovely space! I would totally be happy with this as my living room :)


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