Sunday, 18 December 2011

pretty christmas tables

I think I've established the fact on my blog that I like decorated tables. In my opinion, beautiful glasses can take a table setting to the next level. Look at the photos above and picture in your mind plain and simple glasses instead of the ones there and you'll know instantly what I'm getting at. Of course beautiful plates and cutlery play a key role, and the decoration itself, but I'm always drawn to the glasses; they seem to be the first thing that catches my attention. Show me coloured engraved wine glasses, like the red one in the first photo, and I go weak in my knees ... seriously! I once had similar ones in olive green and they were so pretty. I've been searching for glasses like that but the stem always seems to be too long for my taste.

On a personal note, I've been sick in bed since Friday but today I'm feeling slightly better (thank God for tea tree and eucalyptus radiata essential oils). This is one nasty flu and it's completely ruining my Christmas mood. I'm not trying to gain your sympathy, just please take good care of yourself if you have any flu-like symptoms. My advice is to stay in bed and do nothing.

Perhaps Boney M will get me into the groove again. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!

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 YouTube: Boney M / Feliz Navidad


  1. take good care of yourself, hope you are feeling better by Christmas!
    love the golden table :)

  2. I like the long bench with the cushions on it - has a welcoming and cosy feel to it!

  3. Ah, Boney M... That awakes memories! :-)

    I hope you continue to get better, just keep resting now! :-)

  4. So sorry to hear you still have the flu, Lisa. Rest and drink a lot of tea. These are such beautiful table settings. xo
    PS: found my tree yesterday, it's not tall, but so beautiful! it's all decorated now and the house is finally smelling like Christmas. :)

  5. I hope your feeling better really soon!

  6. Hello Lisa,
    Here we say: Vitamin C and bed. And that's what cures the flu.
    I am also attracted to these wonderful colored glasses. I think
    they are a charm.
    May you heal quickly because Christmas is already at the door.
    a beautiful Monday.

  7. Lovely inspiration ;o) and you have my sympathy - poor you ;o) Hope you get better soon ;o)
    Hope you will have a lovely monday ;o)

  8. Love coloured glassware... I do like that second last setting with the green and blue glasses. Rest, rest, rest....Boney M will definitely make you feel a little better!

  9. I've been thinking about our holiday table all weekend. Did some last minute shopping today to spruce it up a bit.

    Hope you're feeling better, Lisa! xoxo

  10. gorgeous decorations, very elegant!


  11. Ooh the gold table scape is gorgeous! I can never seem to get enough gold these days... Hope you are feeling much better today my dear and had a chance to rest up over the weekend xx

  12. Shame Lisa, hope you're feeling back to normal today. Can't be easy being sick at this time of the year. Thanks for the lovely table inspiration, I can't wait to style our Christmas dinner! Get some more rest xx


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