Thursday, 29 December 2011

quality morning

I've been enjoying a quality morning with hubby, as I call mornings spent in peace and quietness with the children still asleep. We were up at six-thirty after a good night's rest and have been sipping our coffee, reading the news, browsing through magazines and reading books in complete stillness. I love mornings like that.

I wish I had become a morning person earlier in life. I used to be such a night owl and sometimes I almost look back in shame thinking of the time I wasted, the pointless TV shows I watched, etc. I'm never getting that time back so to make up for it I, at some point, started going early to sleep and rising early.

I hope you've been enjoying wonderful holidays. Mine were relaxing with plenty of good food. I didn't let the flu ruin my festive mood or appetite. We watched all the Lord of the Rings films for the 100th time or whatever. We got so excited when we saw The Hobbit trailer that we had to make popcorn and forget ourselves in the world of Middle Earth. I'm predicting more moments like that in 2012 until we'll be able to see the first film. How awesome they're making two Hobbit films!

I want to end this post by thanking my blog friend Anait at Cap Ou Pas Cap, also known as my Paris obsession soulmate, for the book she sent me, Pastry Paris: In Paris everything looks like dessert by Susan Hochbaum. It was such a wonderful surprise Christmas present.

Enjoy your day!

photo credit:
Laurent Durand and Christophe Rouffio


  1. How I used to love mornings like that - reading a newspaper uninterrupted in peace n quiet.... oh well!
    Hope you have a great day.

  2. You've just described the perfect morning! I love waking up early (not that early however ;) and have a long day to enjoy ahead. And now due to holidays my day-night schedule has been totally upside down but I kind of enjoy this break!
    P.s. LOTR is my fave too! Can't wait for the Hobbit to come!

  3. That beautiful image (I have it saved in my files) is picture perfect for a wonderful winter day: staying cosy indoors, reading, and sipping a cup of coffee or a glass of red wine. I know exactly what you mean about the wasted time on TV. I stopped watching TV completely some time ago, a couple of years ago I guess, and I still can not believe how good I feel and how I can use that time in countless, more interesting ways (not that I watched too much TV back then, but still).
    I've always been a morning person, since as long as I can remember. Even in school, on holidays, I loved waking up early in the morning, at 7 am, feeling so happy that I have a whole new day to my disposal. :)

    Have a beautiful day, Lisa! xo

  4. That sounds like an absolutely perfect morning. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

  5. I wish I was a morning person... I am, in spring and summer, but I can't function before 8:00 in winter... :)
    Thanks for the trailer, wonderful news! Can't wait to watch the movie.
    Have a wonderful day, darling!

  6. Sounds like such a blissful time! Glad that you're enjoying yourself, Lisa. And I so can relate to enjoying the mornings. There's something so sweet about them. I regret the wasted ones that I used to have but I guess life isn't meant for regrets so I'll just enjoy :) xoxo

  7. Dear Lisa - it sounds so nice with quiet mornings - I just enjoy one myself right now ;o) We also had some nice days - but had to work a little - we have to count all our stock and put everything in it's right place - getting ready for january sale ;o))
    But now we have counted 85% of the stock - so we are approaching the goal ;o) hi hi
    Yesterday we also had a photographer and journalist here to take photos of our christmas home - they hope to sell the article to a magazine for next years christmas ;o))
    So nice days even though they were a little busy. Tomorrow we will have a couple of our friends with their children and a quiet nice new years eve ;o)
    Hope you will have a wonderful new year - I look forward to read your lovely blog in the year to come ;o) Happy new year ;o)


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