Thursday, 22 December 2011

romantic christmas

Another inspiration from France, a romantic Christmas theme. I love the contrast of the raw tablecloth and delicate glassware on the dining table.

It seems like the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe baubles in my last post were quite a hit. Unfortunately, I don't know where you can buy them, probably in some vintage shop in Paris.

Things are the same on the Flemish front. Yes, I'm still in bed; the last phase, hopefully, of this flu is a wonderful sore throat (the positive adjective is sarcasm, in case you didn't get that). It would have been nice to get a haircut and buy the rest of the things I wanted to buy, but I'm not going anywhere.

This post's Christmas song is my favourite Icelandic version of O holy night, performed by Egill Olafsson. I hope you are enjoying these last days before Christmas!

photo credit:
Christophe Rouffio for Art & Décoration

YouTube: Egill Ólafsson / Ó helga nótt


  1. *Bigfoot* Christmas is coming round the corner very quickly this year....well, it just seems to me! :)

    Today I´m gonna go downtown doing the last shopping and after that I have to think about how I`m gonna decorate my christmas tree.

    I decided to create a lot myself for a new kind of tree this season....we`ll see what it looks like.

    Merry, happy Christmas, Lisa and enjoy the holidays, have fun (beside the housewife work....)and let a lot of presents fall into your skirt!


  2. Funny - I have just looked at those photos earlier today - had to find inspiration for my blog post today ;o))
    Poor you - hope that Hubby takes care of the presents you didn't buy before the flue - hope that you get better really soon ;o)
    Have a nice christmas ;o)

  3. This sure look romantic and lovely! :-)

    Have a Merry Chrismas! :-)

  4. That is a beautiful rendition of O Holy Night! Happy Holidays! At this point it seems like your biggest present may be kicking this flu to the curb so make it happen ;)

  5. Love the wallpaper in that room, as well as all the sparkling glassware - gorgeous!

  6. I've decided on my next year's Christmas decorations: they must include purple. Look how elegant and sophisticated those touches of purple are. Sending lots of get-well wishes your way, Lisa. I'm expecting better news tomorrow. ;)

  7. Get well soon! I wish you the best! I love your blog and I enjoy your comments on mine!
    Have a lovely Christmas and if it makes you feel better I have a sore through too!

    Love, Eliana

  8. Lisa that was so gorgeous! I got chills listening to it. And what a beautiful romantic Christmas you've portrayed here.

    Hope you are having a wonderful week and that you're all set for the weekend!


  9. Merry Christmas Lisa, all the best to you!

    p.s. I especially love the angels on the table!

  10. what a beautiful spread. Wish Xmas at my house looked like that...

  11. Wow that tree looks fantastic - such a different look with a real tree!
    Hope you're feeling better.


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