Wednesday, 14 December 2011

a trip to illums bolighus

It's almost Christmas, which means that my mind tends to drift to Copenhagen ... a lot. I've said it before that December in Copenhagen is a wonderful time of the year; everything looks so festive. If I were in Copenhagen today I'd head straight to Illums Bolighus on Strøget (the main shopping street) to view – and hopefully to buy – Scandinavian design. It's definitely my favourite shop in the city. Afterwards I'd sit down at a nice café or restaurant, continuing to dream about the beautiful design.

So, today I'm doing a bit of imaginary shopping. With plenty of cash in my wallet this is just a small portion of what I would buy: 

  • Cocoon bowls and vases in black glass with white glass inside from Holmegaard. Design: Peter Svarrer - maybe I would choose another colour but the black ones have that perfect classic look
  • Etagere 3 layer from Royal Copenhagen
  • Dania teak boxes from TripTrap
  • Tivoli Audio Music System - we have a radio from them and we love it
  • Cocoon tealight holders in various colours from Holmegaard. Design: Peter Svarrer
  • Miniature versions in pink of Arne Jacobsen's the Ant and the Number Seven chairs from 1:6 DESIGN - I would buy a miniature of the Egg chair too
  • Uten Silo storage system in ABS plastic from Vitra Design Museum. Design: Dorothee Becker – a white one for me, please
  • Leather baskets with white stiches from Ørskov. Design: Jørgen Møller – I would choose a brown one

Is there a city in the world, which you especially connect with this time of the year?

Yesterday I took an unplanned break from blogosphere. I had to run some errands and when I got home I simply decided to keep the day blog free. I didn't view one single blog and that hasn't happened since I started blogging. As I was busy on Monday I'm afraid to open my Bloglovin' right now; I think the number of unread posts will bring on a panic attack!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

photo credit:
all images from the website of
Illums Bolighus


  1. I don't have a particular city to connect with Christmas, but it has to have snow this time of year: it could be NY or Quebec or Copenhagen or Paris. The bawls and vases in the 1st pic are beautiful! Have a beautiful day, Lisa! xo

  2. I'd love to be in Copenhagen for Christmas -- or Paris, New York or Rome. Then again, cozying up at home isn't too bad either : )

    These picks are fantastic. I especially love those pink chairs!

  3. Ooooh Copenhagen you say? Now there's a city I am just dying to visit. And if these are my shopping options then where do I sign up!?

  4. Sounds like you need a little break from blogosphere. ;) Totally normal, btw. I adore everything you chose for this post, particularly the tealight holders - I have a soft spot for simple shapes made of coloured glass... especially when you look through those pieces rather than at them. :)
    Place-wise... A part of me would like to be in Russia because it gets so beautiful in December, the snow is still crisp and white and the cold air smells of holidays and mandarins. And the other part of me would love to spend a few days in Bruges, one of my favourite places in the world. :)

  5. I have to choose Stockholm, I went there a couple of years ago and it was so nice even with the cold weather! But I guess Copenhagen is the same! I also have on my list cocoon tealight holders,
    but I like all the items you choose, those light pink chairs are great! Amazing shop in Copenhagen! Hope I'll get the chance to visit it!:*

  6. The designs look very beautiful, I love the etagere and the cocoon tealight holders <3 I would love to be in London or NY with Christmas, one day one day!

  7. Oh Lisa, you have some lovely items on that wishlist of yours. I'm particularly LOVING the cocoon bowls and vases and the leather baskets. They'd sit very nicely in my home :)

    Hope you're having a lovely week! xoxo

  8. Lucky you! All the designs are fab.


  9. Yes, I'd definitely go the Royal Copenhagen 3 tier cake stand - absolutely gorgeous. Hubby would love that Tivoli Audio System (typical!)
    Have a great day...
    PS: I'll be having a drink on that verandah later... I'll save you a seat!

  10. I was there the other day ;o)))
    But most of the stuff in there is to 'design' for me ;o)) you know I like old stuff and scratches and so on ;o))
    But the etagere - I like that very much - I like mega mussel a lot ;o) but it is sooooo expensive ;o)
    Have a nice day Lisa ;o)

  11. I love Scandinavian design too - these are all great picks! The Tivoli system is on my wishlist; the sleek and minimalist design is lovely. I also adore those fabulous pink chairs xx

  12. i would definitely get those tealight holders and maybe use them high up on the mantel. it's crazy how long rowan's arms are! (ha! or at least how he reaches everything somehow!

  13. These are all beautifully designed items. Christmas in Copenhagen must be lovely! I do love New York during the holidays but I wouldn't mind being somewhere much warmer either :) Thanks for visiting/following my page. I've added you to my Google Reader.

  14. Lisa, adore these items. I actually love this shop too! I brought back a catalogue from Illums B from Copenhagen a couple years back and was looking through it again. :-))


  15. Oh my, I want these miniature chairs now!!

  16. The black glass vases are perfect for make-up brushes and/or pens. They'd fit right into my world.

  17. Would love to have the full size version of the Arne Jacobsen chair in pink! I am so glad to have just stumbled across your lovely blog. I look forward to popping back for some more gorgeous inspiration!


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