Tuesday, 3 January 2012

attention to details

This is my latte and biscotti talking. I was going to post something completely different but then those two started messing with my head and heart – in a good way. I guess we could call it being spontaneous which hopefully isn't a dying trait.

I can spend hours viewing haute couture details. That first dress is from the Chanel AW 2009/10 Collection. The last two photos were taken by Susie of Style Bubble last September at the 'Chanel: Une Promenade' installation at Harrods in Knightsbridge, London. (Shini of Park & Cube also took some amazing photos there.)

Have a lovely Tuesday!

photo credit:
1: Kelly Cameron via Rustic Wedding Chic
2: unknown source via Pinterest
3-4: Style Bubble


  1. Haha - I think they´re messing with your head in the best of ways! :-) This is truly beautiful fashin and styling, love the pics. By some reason swans came to mind..! :-)

  2. I'm often halfway through a post and scrap it for something totally different...its good to be spontaneous! Those flowers are just beautiful and I love that bonnet/helmet(?) what would you call it?? I would wear that to my nye b&w party.

  3. Hi Lisa! Happy New 2012!! hope you had a wonderful days with all your family. Could you spend a few days in Iceland??
    Mine fabulous even if the flu has had me at home for some days.

    Beautiful images. Seems that the new year brings always something of Spring, and I love it...
    Have a nice day :-)

  4. I love a bit of spontaneity - what a fabulous way to start the year! These pics just made my morning! Happy New Year to you Lisa! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas break and that you are fully recovered!

  5. lovely details Lisa.the flowers on the first picture spontaneously made me miss spring...

  6. You speak my language. Amazing! xo

  7. I could probably stare at these photographs all day! They're lovely.

  8. Happy 2012 Lisa! Hope your holidays were wonderful. I think the latte and biscotti messed with you in a good way. That details on that first dress are just luscious!

  9. Happy New Year, Lisa!!!! I'm so with you re: Come what may :)

    Here it's a frigid but sunny day (I'm still visiting family in the midwest, and it's been such a good and important trip overall.)

    I'm loving your attention to details today :)

    Wishing you a lovely rest of it!

  10. These are the details one can never get enough of!! Gazing over all the 1000 hours of work, so so gorgeous. I could go on for hours at the haute couture exhibition in Den Haag two years ago <3
    Love the clean changes on your blog by the way, it looks really good.

  11. Happy New Year Lisa! I hope you and your family had a good celebration? :)

    I am pretty 'out of it' when it comes to blogging these days but hopefully that will pass soon enough *smile*


  12. I can never get enough of fabulous details. I so remember the day that gorgeous Chanel gown came down the runway. I thought I had died and went to heaven. It's perfection in my mind. And then I remember when Diane Kruger wore it to the Oscars I believe and people didn't like it. Silly people :)


  13. the first photo is a detail from a dress??? wow. I'm impressed :)

  14. No, the first photo is a a detail from wedding flowers, beautiful non the less!


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