Thursday, 19 January 2012

biscotti in the rain

I'm one step of sanity away from taking my coffee and biscotti out on the street and singing in the rain like Gene Kelly. The European Continent has changed me into a weather-spoilt brat; I no longer can stand cold weather so the rain that hit my face this morning made me ecstatic ... I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain, what a glorious feeling, I'm happy again... 

How fabulous is that photo? It's from a wedding fashion shoot in New Orleans, photographed by Carla Ten Eyck. Of course I'm more interested in the table setting because I'm not much of a wedding/bridesmaids dresses kind of girl.

Want to know how I picked my wedding dress? I was having lunch with hubby and our carpenter Siggi (who has now passed away). After lunch I asked Siggi to come with me to this shop close by that sold new and vintage dresses. I found a dress, tried it on, Siggi said it was beautiful and I bought it. It maybe took about 20 minutes.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

photo credit:
Carla Ten Eyck for Datura: a Modern Garden
via Pinterest


  1. Lovely wedding dress story! :-) You know, that pic is gorgeous, I´d LOVE to sit there! :-)

  2. Oh that sounds so much like you! Haha, fabulous it went that way. Don't think I'm going to be that easy but it would be very convenient if I was. I have this image in my files as well, always smiling when I see traces of similar saved captures :) Enjoy your I think rainy? day! and I'm planning on mailing you a LONG mail this weekend.

  3. What a photo and fantasy ;o)
    I love your story with your wedding dress - thats it - take a decision - not all that crap ;o))))
    Lovely rainy day to you Lisa

  4. amazing photo,love the colors!!!
    now you have to show us photos of your wedding dress!!! nice nice story!!!!!

  5. I'm not sure about the rain, I think I might sing in the rain in summer. at the moment it's def too cold for me :)

    great picture!!!

  6. gorgeous shot.

    my wedding dress was one of the few things i had total control over (the wedding was traditional and really for my in-laws), so it had to be right. but we only had 6 months to prepare so i chose it fairly quickly!

  7. That photo is absolutely beautiful. Love. Although, in reality, I'd probably hate having my biscotti and coffee in the rain!

    Congrats on finding your dress! And so quickly too.

  8. Hi Lisa!!!
    I am not a cold/rainy person either but I must say this table setting is very striking! and makes the rain look appealing!

    20 minutes to pick your dress! I believe you, I visit so many shops and tried on different dresses but I always knew right from the beginning which one I would buy!

    Have a lovely thursday, ELiana

    ps. you should visit my place in Uruguay one day, You would love it!

  9. Ha ha það er frábært, ég var einnig um 20 mín að finna minn brúðkaupskjól og komin átta mánuði á leið.

    Ég er sko alveg komin með nóg af kuldanum hér í Vermont. Flyt til Tampa , FLorida næsta sumar. Kærkomin breyting.

  10. this photo is gorgeous lisa! the contrast of the pink wit the grey and monotone hues in the background is just stunning!

    and re: the wedding story - you are one decisive woman! :-)))


  11. That is one lovely photo! I just watched 'Singing In The Rain' on Tuesday night and I want to take tap dancing lessons now. Oh Lisa, I should have expected a hilarious how-I-found-my-perfect-wedding-dress episode from you. xo

  12. That image is fantastic! Rain can be so exhilarating sometimes! That's a great story of how you picked your wedding dress. I got mine at a sample sale during my lunch hour from work and it was the second dress I tried on.

  13. Like the pic and the dress story!!!

    ♥ Franka

  14. :) Now that sounds like a good way to pick a wedding dress! I can't be bothered with the process of picking mine so I might just take your route! I got absolutely soaked in the rain on my way to work this morning (and it was not pleasant) but this beautiful photo makes it look appealing!

  15. Love the wedding table:)
    I wish my daughter would be so quick and simple with her wedding plans, they are consuming us!!!
    Have a happy weekend.
    Wendy x

  16. That wedding table looks fabulous! Loved hearing about your wedding dress story Lisa; its funny how quickly you can make a decision when something feels so right! xx

  17. that picture is absolutely great just as singing in the rain is! the way you picked you wedding dress is what i like about you ; )

  18. Yeah, that's exactly how I dream of finding my wedding dress. All that fuss about getting one makes me really nervous and bored of the process (and, jeez, how extremely expensive are they all?!)
    Anyway, the shoot is great, the cold is not (100% mediterranean girl who gets frozen when temperature gets below 10oC..)

  19. I love your wedding dress story...I'd like to think I'm a simple bride, too...but we'll see how that plays out ;)


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