Thursday, 26 January 2012

dior haute couture ... very chic!

I'm going a little haute couture crazy these days and who can blame me with all these beautiful outfits appearing on the runway? I have to say that I was especially happy with the Dior show and I think Bill Gaytten deserves a well-earned praise. (He failed to impress me with his last couture collection; it probably wasn't easy to create that one after the whole Galliano fiasco). I find the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection beautiful. I'm especially drawn to the colour palette, I love the use of these solid colours; they give off a classic and timeless look.

That dress in the top-left corner took my breath away, it had me swooning for hours. I'm telling you, hours! By the way, the song I included is from the September Issue (2009), in case you were wondering where you had heard it before.

Happy Thursday to you all!

photo credit:
Dior Haute Couture SS 2012 details: Vogue Italia
Vogue poster: unknown source

 YouTube: Ladytron / Destroy Everything You Touch


  1. Gorgeous. I would love to sit front row at a show just once in this lifetime! How cool would that be?!! xo

  2. These are all adorable, but I have to say he has yet to top what we saw from Dior when Galliano was the captain.
    Big mouth or not, he is still a fashion mastermind in my book :)

    Hugs and a haooy Thursday dear!

  3. I'm with you...the dress at the top left is exquisite! Thank you for showing these elegant designs.


  4. I remember a friend of mine told me one day "I don't know, I am looking at this year collection and Dior is Dior, no one can beat them!" I love those fluffy skirts, Lisa! And indeed the first one posted by you is the most spectacular!

  5. Oh I so agree with you, Lisa. He did a fabulous job. The entire collection made me swoon! :)

  6. I think the retro-elegance of the collection is stunning. BIll Gaytten should be applauded.

  7. The collection is very Dior. I like the line, the basting stitches and embroidery details, especially the one on the 3rd design that came on the runway, with V-neck and big bow in front.

  8. I can't blame its completely understandable ;) I'm so swooning over this too, so so gorgeous.

  9. The Dior collection was exquisite wasn't it? That dress is amazing - so beautifully detailed xx

  10. Oh how beautiful... I can see myself wearing all of these dresses, well not everyday while I do the gardening... but, well, maybe - why not?

  11. Oooohh wow! I totally agree! The smoky colours are just stunning! The leaf and flower detailing on the bottom right dress/jacket is so beautiful!


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