Friday, 20 January 2012

fashion friday – diane kruger in valentino

For some time I've had this beautiful photo of Diane Kruger in my files. This German beauty is one of my favourite actresses and I think her fashion sense is amazing. She doesn't use a stylist and clearly she doesn't need one. She was on the cover of the October 2011 issue of InStyle UK, photographed by Ben Watts. This photo is part of the editorial; she is wearing a gown from the Valentino AW 2011-12 Collection, designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli.

For those interested, here is a video of the photo shoot. For the rest of the editorial click the Tom & Lorenzo link below.

I have to say that InStyle is not my favourite magazine. In my opinion there are way too many clichés in it and endless talk about must-haves and need-to-knows, and don't get me started on the overuse of the word super. However, I like to honour when something is well done and this editorial definitely is.

Have a fabulous Friday!

photo credit:
 Ben Watts for InStyle UK
stylist: Amanda Bellan


  1. What an incredible photo Lisa - don`t we aspire to taking a shot like that? Thanks for sharing and hope you are well.

  2. Diane has incredible style, grace and that rare quality among actors nowadays of wanting to keep her personal life private. I admire her a lot. And this photo is gorgeous! Have a beautiful day, Lisa! xo

  3. What a beauty - dress and woman!

    I igree with your opinion about *Instyle*!

    Have a nice weekend!
    ♥ Franka

  4. She´s gorgeous! :-)

    Have a great Friday (and come by and babysit my cat if you have a couple of hours..)! :-)

  5. Amazing image! She is beautiful and with her incredible sense of style she doesn't need a stylist like you said. I still recall her in that dazzling pink Lacroix at the 2010 Golden Globes I think it was. One of my fave red carpet looks ever. So true about In Style. I don't actually read it but I like to look at the pictures :) Happy weekend Lisa!

  6. Although I am rubbish with model names...I have to agree that this woman has something in her that makes her amazingly attractive without look like Barbie.
    Love her!
    And that dress leaves me without words!!!
    Happy Friday!

  7. She is a very beautiful woman!!!!!
    Wish you a wonderful weekend,
    Big Hugs

  8. I love it when a model becomes an actress because she gets more famous but still knows how to pose and wear beautiful clothes. Gorgeous!

    P.S. I left a reply on my blog about the editorial, but just in case you didn't read it, it's Harper's Bazaar January 2003.


  9. I do love her, and her style....I loved her less when she was married to Guillaume Canet (aka my husband #2, but now that he's safely Marion's, Diane is back in my good graces) ;)

    clearly, I have some issues to work through ;)

  10. I completely agree with you on Diane Kruger, she is amazing! Gorgeous capture, hadn't seen it before. Hope you have a lovely weekend :)

  11. Yes, she is beautiful! Who wouldn't love her? Enjoy your weekend =)

  12. I think she is very beautiful and having the ability to dress oneself without a stylist for major events and photographers and come out looking stunning always is a bonus! And at the same time she seems low key and 'under the radar' - I like it.
    Hope you're having a great weekend...x

  13. Oh I agree, if there is someone that is not in need of a stylist - it is Diane Kruger!!

  14. I've admired her style for a very long time! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous photo of her, Lisa :) xoxo

  15. So glad I came across your blog, its light and lovely!!


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