Monday, 16 January 2012

harper's bazaar uk & red carpet

Yesterday was one of those relaxing Sundays. I got myself a copy of the February issue of Harper's Bazaar UK and enjoyed reading it with my coffee and biscotti. It was of course Milla of Not Just Another Milla who reminded me to buy it. What I love about the magazine is that it's mainly free of clichés. Not entirely though. I started rolling my eyes when I read the intro to Carine Roitfeld's interview by Justine Picardie, who describes Roitfeld as "the woman we all want to be." Really? I don't know about you, but I admire Roitfeld and I think she is a wonderful inspiration but never ever have I felt the longing to be her. Why do journalists have to fall into these pitfalls? It's so naive. And the first paragraph is all about Picardie's indecision about which clothes to wear when meeting this style icon and former editor of Vogue Paris. For crying out loud woman, get a grip! However, the interview is fine and there is also an interview with Uma Thurman and the issue is filled with Spring/Summer fashion – totally worth the money.

Right now I'm in the mood for watching a film and eating popcorn. I guess it has everything to do with the Golden Globes. I went very early to bed yesterday and then I woke up to watch the show, red carpet and all. It was fun and now I'm dying to see The Artist, which won in the category 'Best Picture, Musical or Comedy'.

Just a little red carpet talk before I finish. I'm not posting any photos, as most of you have probably seen the dresses. Did you have any favourites? Mine were Angelina Jolie in a stunning Versace gown, Shailene Woodley in Marchesa and Claire Danes in J. Mendel. Another favourite of mine was Emma Roberts who attended an after party in this beautiful navy Zac Posen gown from the AW 2011-12 Collection.

Enjoy your day!

photo credit:
1: Lisa Hjalt
2-3: Alessandro Viero for Vogue US


  1. I really want to read that interview! I have a huge admiration for Carine's work and creativity and you made me smile with your witty observation! Regarding the Golden Globes, I loved Natalie Portman in Lanvin, Tilda Swinton in Haider Ackermann (she always manages to be so elegant and original in her fashion choices!) and the adorable Michelle Williams in Jason Wu (actually her dress made me think about an Erdem design...). Angelina and Charlize Theron were also stunning!

  2. A fashion magazine completely free of clichés probably doesn't exist. Golden Globe faves for me were Emma Stone in Lanvin with the plunging neckline and Kate Beckinsale in that Cavalli mermaid gown. Her jewelry was gorgeous!

  3. I have to get a copy of Harper's Bazaar too. I still have to finish the December and January Italian editions of Vogue. What a cliché introduction Justine Picardie made to her interview with Carine. Pity! And I, who have always thought that each and every one of us should express his own individuality and find his own personal style.

    Golden Globes: I loved Angelina and Charlize. Claire Danes too. It was so emotional seeing Sidney Poitier on stage, what a grand man and actor! And I was very happy about the awards "The Artist" won. Can't wait to see it too! xo

  4. Can you believe that I missed the Golden Globes? And I don't even have a valid excuse, I just forgot! I saw some replays this morning and I really loved Nicole Richie in Julien MacDonald!

  5. Funny to read the different favorites in the previous comments :) My favorites were Emma Stone, Charlize, Heidi, Sofia Vergara and Helen Mirren. A couple of disappointing, others too like Michelle Williams, Jessica Alba, Julianne Moore and the every so mermaid looking Kate Beckinsale. Actually Kate Winslet disappointed too. Excuse me for this whirlwind;)

  6. ps not that they didn't look beautiful or something but they just didn't have that WOW.

  7. Must have been a relaxing sunday afternoon!

    ♥ Franka

  8. Sounds like a fabulous Sunday! And the Globes topped it off perfectly, right? Even though you got sleep in between :)

    Loved Angelina, Charlize, Kate Beckensdale, Claire Danes & Sofia Vergara.

    Hope you're having a lovely Monday, Lisa! xoxo

  9. Do you believe the Globes weren't even on tv! They were probably on Pay Tv (if you have it!) But it was around 2pm when I could see pics of the red carpet on the web. Hmmmm, its almost like everyone was so perfect there was hardly anything that looked AHMAZING. Having said that, I think Natalie Portman, Emma Stone, Tilda Swinton and Helen Mirren look fabulous (great colour for their skin tones). And aside from a white satin dress that looks like a wedding dress (for me), Angelina's red accents and that lipstick looked gorgeous (and of course her escort!).
    I'll be devouring my copy of Feb US Harpers Bazaar which came in the mail yesterday...!
    Have a great day..x

  10. I love the cover of this issue; Uma Thurman looks stunning! I will have to wait to read this interview until I can buy the issue here, but it sounds wonderful!

    My favourites looks for the Golden Globes were Salma Hayek & Angelina Jolie xx

  11. That Zac Posen gown is amazing! It sounds like you had a wonderful Sunday : )

  12. Is that the famous biscotti I spy? I have to bake some soon.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the issue. I think Carine is amazing: very open-minded, strong, expressive, chic, smart and confident. A good role model. She has many desirable attributes which I'm sure we'd all like, but wanting to be her, no I think not. This is a major problem and why so many women are insecure about their personalities, careers, relationships and of course, body image. This ridiculous notion that we should be exactly like famous person A, B or C is so annoying. Magazines are full of clichés which is why I only buy one. You have to be a pretty strong character to see through the crap, which is why I love your blog: you tell it as it is.

  13. That blue gown is so, so stunning. If it were in my closet, I'd wear it around the house, just to feel it flutter around me. Love!!

    Speaking of Uma, I just saw The Producers for the first time...have you seen it? Hayk made such a production about it being one of the best movies but I wasn't overly impressed. But I did like Ulla's outfits :)

  14. thank you ladies for all your comments

    @Milla: thank you for that wonderful praise, I like being someone who tells it as it is ;-)

    Anait: No, I haven't seen The Producers but I remember wanting to see it because of the wonderful cast


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