Saturday, 7 January 2012

provence delight

This French home, owned and renovated by antiques dealer Josephine Ryan, is located near Nimes. I love the raw materials and of course the fact that it's in the Provence. Ryan "spent three years looking for the house of her dreams, and when she visited this house … it was love at first sight. The house had been abandoned for decades but she loved everything about it from the first moment she saw it. When she found the name of her mother's maiden name carved in a stone of the house, she understood that it was her destiny." (Interiors).

She has written two books on French homes, French Home and Essentially French, and her latest work is called Essentially Irish.

Want to hear the good news? You can rent the house. And if you invite me to go with you I'll take care of going to the local market, cooking and baking. I won't be in your way at all except when we sit down to eat and enjoy red wine. wink
Now I'll go back to dreaming of living in the Provence. Have a fine Saturday! 

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  1. It´s a wonderful place - and if you do the cooking/baking..?! Hmm, I´ll consider that..! ;-)

  2. Wow this house is just lovely and I love how she found her mother's maiden name carved in stone! Destiny indeed :)

    Have a lovely weekend, Lisa! xoxo

  3. Thats what I call a vacation house - that's how my french vacation house has to look like ;o) (if I only had the money to buy one ;o))
    So lovely indeed ;o)

  4. What a gorgeous home, sounds like a wonderful idea for you to do all the cooking Lisa!

    Have a happy week:)

  5. Lovely house, I love that slightly rural atmosphere in the space decoration!
    Great blog btw!:)

  6. I think we should go win the lottery and then go there for a loooong time. It looks amazing and Provence is heaven for sure. Hope you had a great weekend :)

  7. Wow it´s amazing! I will give this a serious thought :)

  8. Oh my. Oh my. Oh my. Taking a note of this for the wedding....perfect place for our families to stay!! Everything about this is perfection.....

  9. Hmmmm......just had a look at the price. Maybe I'll have to find something "similar" ;)


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