Friday, 13 January 2012

settee meets painting II

Another gorgeous settee-painting look that made me sigh and swoon. I love the simplicity; so beautiful and stylish.

I'm so glad it's finally Friday because I've been feeling a bit tired for a couple of days. Maybe it's just the grey weather that is making me long for spring with blooming cherry trees. Do you have any plans for the weekend? Friday in my home means home-made pizza and red wine for dinner and tomorrow I'm going to a restaurant with two friends, who happen to be great food lovers. One of them is even learning to become a professional chef. I'm predicting a lot of talking and laughing.

Have a fabulous Friday!

photo credit:
The cover of Western Interiors April/May 2009


  1. I hope you're in better mood today. I'm looking forward to spring too, to nature coming to life. I bet you'll have a lot of fun tomorrow. Get some rest too! I have no special plans for the weekend, I'll see what it brings along. (oh, except for the Golden Globes ceremony Sunday night-that would be me watching TV for the first time in 2012 as well. The Australian Open starts on Monday as well, so I'll stay tuned and watch as often as I can. The Golden Globes, Oscars, the Cannes Festival coverage and the grand slam tennis tournaments are the only times I watch TV). xo

  2. Gorgeous! Me and Mr love this style of furniture so much that once we almost bought two sofas/settees... They were perfect for our period style conversion. After we placed an order and returned home we realised that, as perfect as they are, they wouldn't suit our lifestyle, i.e. sitting in a lotus pose with a laptop on a sofa or wearing jeans (apparently jeans may "transfer" into some of the fabrics)) etc etc etc. So we went and got a modern leather thingie, which at the end was better for our next home. But boy, I do miss that apartment and style and futniture dreams... I should have lived in 18 or 19 century, I think.

    Your weekend sounds amazing. I'm planning to bake something sweet and get out for a long walk with Mr (without pupster). And it's roasted dinner time on Saturday (for Mr) while I'll be trying some spinach+pine nut creation myself.

    Have a wonderful day and lovely weekend, darling!

  3. Another gorgeous picture; love the look but not practical for our home - unless I had a separate formal area! LOL... I'll be doing some rearranging and updating and list-making, which is what I do every year around this time (getting ready for the year ahead!). Hope you're weekend is great - PS: i've just posted some beach photos...might make you feel better?

  4. What a great pairing with the settee and the painting!

    I have been tired this week also...too much grey in the sky so I'm hoping it will be sunny soon!

  5. Minimal, yet organic...such a classy and lovely combination

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