Wednesday, 4 January 2012

two swans

One of you mentioned swans in a comment to my yesterday's couture post, which I found rather interesting as I had these two different kinds of swans lined up.

In 1958 Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) designed The Swan™ for the lobby and lounge areas at the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The chair became a classic design and has been produced at Fritz Hansen ever since. You can choose a chair in leather or fabric, but the base is always star shaped in satin polished aluminium. By the way, the chair in the first photo is vintage and has been upholstered in mink.

Yesterday I was telling my older daughter about the chair. When I told her the price was about 3000-5000 euros, depending on the material, she asked: "Why spend so much on a chair when you can use the money to buy so many other things?"

Interesting question. I don't know about you but to me that is money well spent. That curvy beauty is more than welcome in my home.

Have a fine day!

photo credit:
top: William Waldron for Elle Decor
design: Alan Tanksley
bottom: Pieter Estersohn for Elle Decor
 design: Vincent Wolf and David Rogal


  1. I do love that one too - the soft shapes are so beautiful. I like curves when it comes to furniture. :-)

  2. I would welcome that first one into my home too. :)

  3. For me it takes a little getting used to, but its a gorgeous designed chair. The first living room is in my files as well, I love the ligt creamy colors and that ceiling!

  4. I love your daughter's question. Kind of a reality check, isn't it? We should see the world through the eye of the young from time to time :) xoxo

  5. The lines on that chair are just gorgeous. I happen to be of the mind that good well designed furniture is worth the money cause it will be in your home for many years.

  6. The swan is one of my fav chairs! Great images!


  7. I would choose a leather chair if I had to - just easier to maintain(cleanup)! Yes it is a reality check question from your daughter... but in the end, when you spend soooo much money on something that has history, provenance, classic design and that you absolutely love, you will cherish it all the more when you still have it in 20/30/40 years' time. Long after the less expensive 'replica' chairs have gone.
    Such beautiful lounge rooms.

  8. that one is one of my all time favorite chairs... love it!


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