Saturday, 4 February 2012

baby it's cold outside & two k&a recipes

The photos above, with their grey and pink shades, are ideal for my mood. Yesterday it started snowing in Antwerp. It was the kind of snow that made me want to put up some Christmas lights. Today the ground is beautifully white but it's very cold outside. It's the perfect day to stay indoors with a cup of home-made hot chocolate and biscotti and reading under a blanket or watching DVDs. Well, I'm forced to stay indoors anyway, as our little boy is sick in bed with fever and stomach flu. He's sleeping so I'm sitting here reading Jane Austen's Mansfield Park. I'm going to watch a BBC series with Judi Dench called Cranford, which I borrowed at the library. It takes place in England in the 1840s, with the Industrial Revolution in full swing. Have you seen it?

It's time to get more hot chocolate, grab another biscotti and take a look at Cranford. Enjoy your day!

Earlier this morning I posted two recipes on kitchen & aroma: home-made vanilla sugar and hot chocolate with home-made vanilla sugar. Well, one can hardly call vanilla sugar a recipe but someone asked me in an email how I make it so I decided to post my version in a separate post. The hot chocolate is very easy to make.

photo credit:
1: Rachel Whiting for Homes & Gardens
2: Bella Notte Linens via Villa d'Esta
3-4: Lisa Hjalt


  1. I have seen Cranford, and I absolutely loved it!

    enjoy your hot chocolate,

  2. never heard of Cranford, but I love Judi Dench. I may have to get a hold of this.

    happy saturday. I hope the little one feels better soon!!

  3. It sounds lovely and cosy with the snow outside, I am sorry your little boy is sick, I hope he gets well very soon!
    I have seen the BBC series Cranford, it was very enjoyable. I love period dramas.
    Hot chocolate, yum:)
    Wendy xx

  4. Hope your little one feels better soon and that you both enjoy a warm and cozy weekend indoors! Going to check this series you mention (isn't the best way to kill some time- hours with beloved series?)

  5. aw I love hot chocolate and I so wanna read Mansfield Park :)

    enjoy the weekend

  6. Yes these pink shades are gorgeous!

    Have a sunny cold weekend!
    ♥ Franka

  7. Stay warm and cozy inside this weekend, Lisa! Nothing better than watching movies on cold days :)

    Have a great one! xoxo

  8. Beautiful pics, Lisa! Oh and I tell you, here it is freezing, like minus 15 degrees! Have a happy weekend! Igor

  9. Hi Lisa, Yes, I've been reading about the snow in Belgium and elsewhere in Europe. I'm glad you are staying in safe and warm but so sorry to hear your boy is ill and sending healing thoughts to him for a fast recovery. Your weekend entertainment sounds wonderful! Here we have sunshine and warmer than normal temps so we will be doing some work in the garden. xo – g

  10. Oh I would love to snooze a while under those beautiful grey white pink blankets. It is SO cold. But it was such a gorgeous day anyway! Ollie loved the snow :)
    Hope your little boy is feeling a bit better by now. Take care!

  11. Love your pink and grey cozy inspiration; that bedroom is so lovely! I haven't heard of Cranford but it does sound good; I love period dramas and Judi Dench, so I must try to watch it! Hope you are having a brilliant weekend and stay warm! xx

  12. After all the snow it's started to rain here. The streets will turn into a skating-rink. Stay warm, Lisa! It's nothing better than reading and watching movies in this kind of weather. I hope your little one feels better. xo

  13. Hope your boy gets well soon ;o) here the snow has also put a white blanket on the ground ;o)
    Vanilla sugar - I have it - it tastes delicious in a cup of latte ( I like a tiny bit of sugar in it ;o)
    Enjoy the movie and your sunday ;o)

  14. Lovely colors ♥
    I hope the little one feels better soon, being sick is no fun!

  15. Poor little man, hope he is better soon. Let's know what you think of Cranford? I love the ruffled bed linen :)

  16. I've bookmarked this - I can't wait to try it. Thanks so much for sharing. It's supposed to be summer but instead it definitely is hot chocolate weather. Keep warm.


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