Friday, 24 February 2012

london fashion week & tom ford

It's Fashion Friday with the London Fashion Week and one of my favourite designers, Mr. Tom Ford. He showed his AW 2012-13 womenswear collection at the LFW for invited guests only and no photographing was allowed. While we are waiting for exclusive photos we will just have to believe the fashion journalists who have described the collection as classic, beautiful and glamorous, just to give you some adjectives. Someone even said it would change your life, which is maybe pushing it just a bit too far.

Instead of me telling you about Tom Ford, I find it best to simply let him do so in his own words. Here is a full version of the Tom Ford episode of Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind, a documentary from the Oprah Winfrey Network. (Let's hope it won't be removed from YouTube.)

My favourite part is in minute four when he starts talking about his childhood, how picky he was about clothes, looks, even furniture, from an early age. He cracked me up when he started talking about the shoes that he thought were just wrong. I have to add that it reminded me of my own picky son and made me wonder if I'm raising a little Tom Ford in this house. wink Please listen carefully from about minute thirty of the video when he talks about the pumped-up look of women and then his sometimes mixed feelings about what the fashion industry is telling people, the way it promotes materialism. I like his honesty.

A few Tom Ford links for fun:

  the trailer of the above documentary for those who don't have time to watch the whole thing right away
  in the March 2012 issue of Harper's Bazaar US we get 24 hours in the life of the designer 
  I hope no one has forgotten his film A Single Man (2009), starring Colin Firth and Julianne Moore
  Tom Ford: Ten Years by Graydon Carter and Bridget Foley is a book that covers his design for Gucci and YSL from 1994-2004 and so much more
  remember his SS 2011 fashion show video, the one I posted last year, with the womenswear comeback collection, featuring Beyoncé, Daphne Guinness and other fabulous women?
  Full Time Ford is a blog you may want to add to your blogroll if you are a Tom Ford fan

Let's move on to some London Fashion Week's photos and links:

  Mary Katrantzou definitely had one of the strongest collections at the LFW; I'm already looking forward to seeing more of this designer in the future
  the photos above were taken by Garance Doré at her show, I easily could have posted them all
  a collection of fun LFW videos for those who want more than runway photos
  The Sartorialist was at the Burberry show, please take a look at the audience in the background as well
  the photos below are from a LFW street style slide show captured by Phil Oh for, I'd like to add Clémence Poésy's shirt to my wish list

Speaking of street style, here are non-LFW-related links:

  Petra of the Indivisualism blog shared this short and funny note to street style photographers and the poseurs. I urge you to read it. I have to say that there are of course talented photographers out there and people with style. But then there's the Garance Doré-&-The-Sartorialist wannabes and the people hoping their outfits will bring them fame, and honestly I think some of them really should just go home, take a cold shower and get a life
  and since we are making some fun, with all respect for Olivia Palermo, if I see one more photo of her wearing the floral print trousers and leopard shoes I will start pulling out my hair ... no, I won't link to it, enough is enough!
  I have posted the second and third Pardon My French videos by Garance Doré on the LatteLisa Facebook page, I love those and the latest one includes the charming Diane von Furstenberg

Have a fabulous Friday!

photo credit:
1: Simon Perry for Harper's Bazaar US
2-3: Garance Doré at Mary Katrantzou
 4-6: Phil Oh for

YouTube: Tom Ford OWN Visionaries documentary


  1. I still haven't seen A Single Man, can you believe it??!! and I own the movie! thanks for the reminder, I will def watch it this weekend.

    love Tom Ford! great post!!

  2. Can't wait to see more pics of Tom Ford's AW 12/13 range then... He just reminds of Ralph Lauren; someone who imagined/envisioned/visualised a look/his life/his surroundings and went all the way until he achieved it. That is a very funny piece on street style photographers... totally agree... and totally agree on Olivia Palermo...she's everywhere with those pants.
    Have a great day! xx

  3. Lisa, I loved this post! The video of Tom Ford is amazing; he has such a brilliant mind + his drive + passion for perfection is incredible. Love all of your FW links too! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  4. Thanks for sharing the Tom Ford video, Lisa. I admire his work so much, not just in fashion but in other creative fields, too. I mean, A Single Man? Beautiful. x

  5. Wow Lisa you have a ton of goodies for me to browse through this weekend! Now you just made my day. :)

    Enjoy the weekend! xoxo

  6. Fabulous post, Lisa! Where to start from? I will have to watch the Tom Ford video later on. I loved his SS 2011 show, and blogged about it of course. :) The film "A Single Man" proved just how multi-talented Mr. Ford really is. The Mary Katrantzou and Burberry collections were my favourites at LFW. And thank God you didn't link to Olivia Palermo's look. :) Off to check Petra's post now.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Lisa! xoxo

  7. I find it fascinating when designers talk about their inspirations and creative processes. I'm bookmarking the Tom Ford vid to watch later.
    The FW street styles are almost as interesting as what's happening on the runways.
    Happy weekend Lisa!

  8. Now, this is a very good post for me to catch up with the latest news in the fashion week while I was away, Lisa! I could kill for polka dots outfits, so I love that shirt, too! And another thought when reading the daily program of Tom: can I be his doughnuts assistant, please? I could start by buying the doughnuts and then, I don't know...get into the most wanted fashion world:))) Have a wonderful weekend, Lisa ;)

  9. so going to make my husband rent a single man next! i'm making appetizers for my twin cousins' birthdays. i'm going to indulge in a little tom ford via youtube all the while! thank you :) wishing you a beautiful weekend, lisa!

  10. These links should get me through my Sunday;) They all look promising so I have to find time to visit them. I loved the fragments from the Tom Ford documentary I've seen so far, so thanks for reminding me I should watch the complete version. Also something to note down on my to do list. Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend :)

  11. I fell in love with Tom Ford all over again! Could he be the most stylish man on the planet? I think so! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend Lisa!

  12. Hihi, I love coming here and be kept up to dat on fashion! I think yours is the only blog containing fashion I actually read :)

    And your spring break looks amazing.
    Happy Sunday,

  13. Lisa! Wow! Lots of goodies and GREAT interview. Hope you had a nice weekend!


  14. Gorgeous images.
    Wishing you an exquisite week. xx

  15. There really is only one Tom Ford - so suave and confident. A Single Man is a film about love and kindness - loved it!


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