Sunday, 12 February 2012

walk around the cathedral

Last Sunday we walked the snowy ground in one of Antwerp's many parks but today I'm taking you to the city centre, for a walk around the Cathedral of Our Lady (I urge you to open the link to view the photo gallery and read its history). It's such a beautiful and magnificent building. I took these photographs in August last year on a mild cloudy day. Getting a shot of the church doors without anyone standing in front of them is sometimes a bit tricky because usually there are a number of tourists with their cameras and people walking by. I have been living here since the summer of 2010 and I see something new each time I walk around the church.

There is hardly any snow left in the city and as of tomorrow we'll be enjoying warmer days with rain. I guess spring is in the air; I'm so ready to embrace spring. As you can see I've changed my blog's layout just a bit and I'm also preparing a giveaway, which I'll reveal later.

I hope you're enjoying a wonderful Sunday!
photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt


  1. So wonderful!
    Have a lovely day and upcoming week!

  2. Beautiful pics Lisa! Gotta get there one day!

  3. Gorgeous pics...I being a tourist!
    It feels like just last week when you changed the colours on yr blog for winter... where has the time gone? oooh, surprises... yay!

  4. Lisa, your photos are so beautiful! I say it every time, but I do love your style and skills. And I see you've added an Antwerp feature, I'm glad. This way I can browse your beautiful photos of the city much easier. I hope your weekend was wonderful. xo

  5. As usual, your photos have me wanting to visit! It actually looks so imposing and moody but so beautiful and delicate at the same time! Is that your bike in the 2nd set of photos? It's adorable! Loving the new layout too!

  6. @Meghan: No, it's not my bike. Mine was white and it got stolen :-(
    I hope you manage to visit the city one day ;-)

  7. I'd like to visit Antwerpen one day. Wonderful gothic church!

    ♥ Franka

  8. Wonderful photos! So much detail - and love the cobble stone. Interesting history too!

  9. It's so refreshing how you see the beauty in where you live. So often we're searching for something and see to forget to look closer to home. Great pics!


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