Monday, 6 February 2012


“He who does not travel does not know the value of men.”
  Moorish proverb               

Lately I have been doing a bit of travelling in my mind. There is something so wonderful about viewing maps and travel photography (how awesome is that Prague photo above?) and reading about cities and places in the world, where one has never been or already visited. I'm mainly focused on Europe, still reading about Corsica and next on my list is Spain.

When I'm feeling like this, which happens quite frequently, I like turning to films that take place in faraway places. I recently watched A Passage to India (1984) for the first time. It was adapted from E.M. Forster's novel, which I wanted to read before watching the film, but when I saw the DVD at the library I had to borrow it. The late Peggy Ashcroft is in a supporting role and she's so wonderful, I think she completely stole the scene.

Speaking of DVDs. You guys weren't kidding about the Cranford series. I watched season one this weekend and was mesmerized by the story. If it weren't for my sick boy, I'd be at the library already to get season two. Thank you for the get well wishes. He's still sick but feeling slightly better. He's now relaxing under a duvet on the other chaise lounge, watching The Two Towers (2002), for the 100th time or so. There's nothing like a Lord of the Rings marathon when one is sick.

I hope you're all having a good start of the week!

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top-left: unknown source
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bottom-right: Pia Jane Bijkerk


  1. I can't believe we both wrote about watching movies today! I have never seen A Passage to India, but I am going to do so this weekend, thanks for the recommendation :)

  2. Prague, I still think it's one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I hope I'll go back there soon. I haven't seen 'A Passage to India' yet, but it's there in our collection, I'll just have to watch it one of these evenings. Sending my get well wishes to your son, Lisa. xo

  3. It is hard not to get wanderlust looking at these beautiful shots; I do hope to visit Prague one day. I'm keen to watch the Cranford series after your glowing review -I'm intrigued! Happy Monday lovely xx

  4. That quote is really beautiful Lisa, we are fortunate to be able to travel so much these days. We doesn't love to discover more about the world? Beautiful collage :) And about that series, I don't know it. I keep it in mind, I know how wonderful it is to enjoy series so deeply. Get well wishes for your son.

  5. I have this *illness Wanderlust* too!

    At Easter we go to Andalusia for a week.

    ♥ Franka

  6. You're making me want to hop on a plane right this very instant! I always have a case of wanderlust. It never goes away. Spain and Prague are very high on my list :)

    Happy Monday, Lisa! xoxo

  7. Prague is definitely on my To do list. But first I realyl want to take my OH to Paris and Rome. I've been longing to go back ever since I was there in 2001 on a school trip.

    Please give us more movie recommendations. When the weather is like this, that is about the one thing I do :) (Currently watching Borgen and lvoing it).

  8. oh, I have no words to express the feeling of such beautiful city as Prague. I can only hope to return there someday.

    have a lovely start of week :)

  9. I would also love to see Prague.
    And more of Spain. I have travelled quite a bit in the north of the country and visited Madrid, but I am dying to see Bracelona. And more of the south. And eat more tapas. And then there is always the wine *smile*

    Hugs and a happy new week to you!

    PS: Love your Antwerp images of late!

  10. Oh, I missed just a couple of days on your blog and now the boy is ill. Hope he feels better soon. Loving the images from this and previous posts very much. Makes me want to travel and dream.

  11. That quote is sooo true. You've got me drooling over this collage.... LOVE every single photo!! xo

  12. oh, I could (would want to) make a living of travelling :) beautiful pics!!!

  13. This post has totally re-awakened my wanderlust. I love going to new places but the whole process of travel not so much.

    Hope your little guy makes a full recovery soon.

    Re: that Camus quote ~ great minds... ;-)

  14. Baguette and blooms? Perfection, no? ;)

  15. These pics are simply amazing, Lisa. It really made me dream of a relaxed trip with a beloved person. Completely zooming out this stressful Monday...thank you!

  16. Yes, Cranford - its gorgeous. It was screening on tv here a couple of years ago - I just loved it. Especially Dame Judi Dench.
    aaah, travel - I love that proverb and totally agree.
    I watched A Passage to India years ago (it was amazing), and another Forster novel, what about, A room with a view - Florence, Italy - another favourite movie. I even still listen to the soundtrack on vinyl! I hope your son is feeling better.

  17. I really need to watch more movies! Perhaps I should get sick and spend a week or so in bed...hmm...
    The pictures had me swooning and dreaming up a trip to Africa. Europe isn't on my list at the moment. A few years ago I made it a goal to see more of the Fiji Islands. After doing that I made the Pacific my goal and have been slowly checking countries off my list. Have a great week Lisa!

  18. The Prague photo is just beautiful and love the bookshop one too...yes, Lord of the Rings is great, good that he is feeling a bit better.
    ps lark rise to candleford is a really sweet series on DVD too.

  19. Barcelona is on top of my cities list at the moment. It might happen in September. Then I want to go outside of Europe.

    The Painted Veil. Have you seen that one? I liked it and it has beautiful scenery.

    Enjoy your mind-travelling :)


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