Saturday, 10 March 2012

current dream desk

I stumbled upon this photo online and now all I can think about is that table, which would be the perfect desk for me. The legs look like the ones on my coffee table so it would fit well into the living room. Where I will get it is another matter, as this is from an old article in the Turkish version of Marie Claire Maison.

Have you any plans today? We're going to an art exhibition at the children's school and then to the library. I'm hoping to find The Visitor (2007), starring Richard Jenkins. Tonight I'm thinking sushi. Dawn of The Alternative Wife wrote this magic word yesterday and had me craving sushi – not for the first time! I thought it my duty to pass on this craving to you.

Enjoy your day and your sushi if you go for it!

photo credit:
Serra M. Gültürk for Marie Claire Maison Turkey


  1. That is indeed a pretty desk!
    I would love to have one, but dare I say, in white :)

    Have a nice weekend Lisa!

  2. Very lovely table - I'd like to have that myself! :-)

  3. i just had Chinese the other day but now i m craving for sushi. what to do? what to do? :)

  4. have a fab weekend. sushi sounds great!!

  5. We had sushi today :) It was store bought, if I had a little more time we would have made them at home instead. I hope you've found yourself some sushi :)

  6. I think sushi would be a perfect Saturday night treat; thanks for the suggestion! My husband will be happy; he cannot get enough! Enjoy the school's art exhibit and sushi...homemade pizza and red wine last night?...(always on Fridays at your house, right?)... Delicious! ;)


  7. I'm not thanking you for passing that craving to me. :( This is a beautiful desk. xo

  8. I love that desk! I have seen the visitor a few times and it is a wonderful movie. Tonight we are making vegan mushroom stroganoff - yum!

  9. Fab desk... also love the pattern on the footstool. Enjoy your day, I'm off out for a walk! :)


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